Thursday, May 1, 2014

Of May and New Beginnings

Its hard to know where to start when you've been gone for so long.
I've been running what feels like a hundred miles per hour and in some ways it really doesn't feel to me like its been more than a few days since I posted last. 

I feel like a stranger on here. I can hardly believe that I only accomplished two posts in the entire month of April. 

And then I look back and think about all the traveling and company and conferences and events and celebrations and conversations and LIFE that happened in April...and I'm surprised I even posted at all. =)

It is always hard for me to come back and recap after God has taken me through a powerhouse of learning and growth. I struggle with knowing where and how to start to explain everything that He has taught me. Because no matter how hard I try, I never can fully, truly explain all that sanctification that is happening when His truth collides yet again with my heart in a new way.
But I still want to attempt it, even though it doesn't always come out perfectly. What matters is what He's done, and what is happening through that!

So just wanted to take a minute to give a brief update here, and I'm excited to share with you soon more of what He has been revealing to me the past few weeks!
I'm also excited because May is one of my favorite months and today is the first day of it!

may you all have a very lovely Thursday evening!



  1. Great to see a new post! And great to have you home!! for over a month!!(= yeah!!! Lizzie

  2. Aww! I'm so glad you're back! I love to read all your post! Merry from

  3. I'm so excited that you are back!

  4. It's so crazy how time gets away from us! But don't worry, you are forgiven for only 2 posts. ;]

  5. Hey Chelsy!
    It's so lovely to see your blog back in action, we all missed you!!
    I just thought I'd let you know that I awarded you over at my blog -
    please don't feel like you have to do it… I just awarded you because you totally deserve it!
    God bless you!


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