Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alli's Birthday||Evening Out

So for my sista's twentieth birthday, I planned a fun little evening out for us. It was totally a surprise and she knew absolutely nothing about what was going on.
The evening of her birthday, I told her to be ready to go early and we headed out. We drove to downtown Iowa City, which is a lovely place, but very much a college town and crazy busy.
Our ride that evening was our super classy fifteen passenger van. (hehe) With my brother gone and one of our trucks in the shop and the other truck almost constantly being used for getting the men back and forth from the fields...I was thankful for anything with wheels. =)

Parking the van in downtown is not my favorite thing in the world but I can do it. I ended up telling Alli where we were going because we had been there before, but I couldn't remember how to get there again, so I needed her help with directions and I had to tell her. =) We found it just fine but ended up having to park about four blocks away because we couldn't find parking closer. I skillfully awkwardly wedged our big van in between two other vehicles. Our key fob doesn't work and by now I am so used to locking manually that I did it without thinking. I gathered up my clutch and my phone and exited the vehicle. We both slammed our doors and I began digging for change to insert into the parking meter. All the while that I was digging the coins out and Alli was inserting them, I had this nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Wallet. check. Cash in wallet. check. Phone. check. Keys. KEYS!!!!! Noooooooo!!!

 I'm afraid I wailed that rather loudly and nearly gave Alli a heart attack by my sudden panic attack. My heart sunk all the way down to my toes and I just wanted to wake up and find that it was all a bad dream. But alas. It was very much not a dream. I had a fleeting thought that maybe I hadn't locked? Whereupon we both frantically ran all around the van and tried all the doors. They were definitely all properly locked. Now what? For once in my life I was actually running ahead of schedule and had been so proud of myself for being early and here I was just blowing all of that by this lovely predicatement. I remembered with relief that we do have AAA now so this shouldn't be too difficult. As we walked to the restaurant I called my father. The first words out of his mouth were "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you have a wreck?" (he knew it was abnormal for me to call that soon after leaving home for an evening out) I assured him that I was fine and he relaxed and was relieved..and then I told him what had happened. The good news is, this was the first time that I had ever locked my keys in the car. Bad news, is that I seem to have this type of castatrophe happen to me fairly often, to the point that he had a feeling that something had happened. =/

Meanwhile, we met up with two dear friends of ours who were in on Alli's birthday surprise and were meeting us for dinner. They and Alli went ahead and found a seat and ordered while I got our AAA number from dad and called the company. Upon them answering the phone, I gave our AAA number. Then they asked my name. I made the mistake of saying my name was "Chelsy Bontrager". (totally should have said Marlin Bontrager, but I don't think that fast-I typically give MY name when someone asks for it) Whereupon..I was informed that the only name associated with that account number was Marlin Bontrager, and that he would have to be present in order for them to come out and help us. Agh! My father was two hours away at a political rally! So I called dad again. He was less than impressed with their policy; the whole point of us getting AAA was for our bus and then also for situations like this! So he tried calling them to talk them into coming out anyway...but even HE could not convince them. Finally it ended up that we had to hire someone to come out. In between all of these phone calls I was in and out from the restaurant. It took about half an hour for them to come out, so during that time we had a lovely time together celebrating Alli's birthday at Crepes Deluxe. (you can read about our other visit there at this blog post)

To make a long story short...someone came out, and it took them two minutes to get the van unlocked. I was so impressed with their equipment, that I later told Alli that we should get equipment like that and have some in each vehicle for future emergencies like this. But then Alli reminded me that in a situation like this, it wouldn't do us any good to have unlocking equipment in the vehicle, because the whole point was that we would be locked OUT of the vehicle. Oh yes, true....blonde moment. *cough*
The birthday girl with one of our dessert crepes. A feast for the eyes as well as the taste!
We had a lovely dinner with the dear ladies pictured above. I love how some of our best friends are in totally different seasons of life than us. My world is so much richer because it is filled with kindreds of all ages!
Alli & I
asparagas and mozzerella crepe with pesto....ah yes!

After dinner, I took Alli to the theater and we saw "Mom's Night Out". It just so happened that we have had a very busy spring of lots of babysitting, so I felt this movie might provide some comic relief. =) I'd heard some reviews at the film festival and wanted to see it sometime. We laughed so hard and greatly enjoyed it. As far as a full review, if I would recommend it? I would say yes and no. was a great representation of how overwhelmed mothers often really are. The comedy was great. I felt like I could relate so much just from my experience with children, and I'm not even a mom. Alli and I laughed SO HARD, and comic relief is a blessed thing when you are in the thick of a crazy schedule.
Cons...I was disappointed in some things. There were a couple of outfits that could have so easily had necklines just an inch or two higher. There was a big rap dance session at the end that was participated in by everyone in the movie, and there could've been a much better ending than that. And the one point in the movie that is kind of the climax-where the main character is talking with the big biker guy and he is sharing with her about what in life really matters would've been a perfect place to insert the Gospel and instead it was just general good advice. What was said was good, but it just could've have been so much better if it would've been more defined, I think. Especially considering that, since its a comedy, it will probably be viewed by a more mixed audience than some Christian films.

So, just curious here...anybody else ever locked their keys in their car? =) Anybody else seen "Moms Night Out"? What were your thoughts?



  1. Yes--sick feeling isn't it? :) I locked the keys in our vehicle while it was running...on Thanksgiving...and it was still running the next morning when someone came to unlock it! Don't ask how it happened, it's a long story! ;-) Ah, but it keeps life exciting, right?!

  2. Oh yes. I locked my keys in the car just a few weeks ago, and it was so embarrassing! Plus, we were on our way to a recital, so I was down underneath the vehicle in my dress clothes looking for a spare. But it wasn't to be found so my Dad had to come rescue us.

    It looks like you had a beautiful evening in spite of the mishap!

  3. Not me personally but my sister has.
    These may be long so don't say I didn't warn you or i should have warned you.
    To begin, my sister and her husband have two sets of keys.. one for him and one for her. He rides a motorcycle so he leaves his set of keys at home and only uses them when he is driving the car since they have one car. My sister has her set of keys as well.
    The day was the day before their wedding and they were together and they each had their sets of keys. The night before the wedding they went to the reception hall to get their decorations set up. I can't remember whose keys were left where but one set was left in the trunk when they were getting stuff out of the trunk and the other was in the main part of the car.
    My mom and I had just got to the hall to help set up and my sister was stressed and she told us what had happened. My sister's husband who at the time was her fiance was calling his aunt and i guess the person wasn't able to come or something so they weren't able to come and help so my mom called her insurance company.
    Praise the Lord!!! my mom's insurance company was able to send someone out because my mom had just gotten her car and she was still under the warranty that allowed free towing services. So the tow man came and unlocked the door and they were able to get their keys. Since it was the night before my sister'swedding, we were having a rehearsal the night before but because of waiting for the tow truck, we were late to the rehearsal.
    I'm happy you enjoyed your evening in spite of the keys getting locked in the car.

  4. Great story! My sister left the keys to our car in the room we stayed at on a trip with our family to Mexico City. We didn't notice it until we arrived at a Texas airport (where our car was)! Stressful situation, but great memories. ;-)

  5. You are so pretty, lady! :)

  6. I saw Mom's Night out with my Mother and Grandmother. We thought it was wonderful. It has Alex Kendrick plus some other actors from Courageous. Actresses Patricia Heaton and Sarah Drew are Christians and we liked them. We also like Sean Astin mainly from the movie "The Lord of the Rings." We also like the movie because it was filmed by homeschooled brothers.

  7. Chelsy,

    I've been checking out your blog over the last couple years, but I've never left a comment. I think you've struck a great balance between entertainment and encouragement in your writing. I've definitely laughed at you more than once! I love how you get such a kick out of yourself.

    Thanks for all you do to keep up with posting - Its been good!

    -Gwen Martin

    1. Aw, thank-you; you are so kind! And thanks for commenting! =)

  8. Yep! Just last night.....and the car was running. Good thing my husband wasn't to far away and didn't get to mad at me. I do it probably at least once a year so when I do it now I don't get the panicky feeling I did when I first did it.:) still not the most pleasant feeling though I definitely know how you feel.:)happy birthday beautiful Alli! You girls are all so gorgeous! Hugs! Merry

  9. Kayla HackelbergJune 9, 2014 at 2:20 PM

    My husband and I saw Moms Night Out and while it was a great movie to laugh about the craziness of motherhood, I did have some of the same reservations as you. I think my mind is quite sensitive when watching movies since we don't have a TV at home so some outfits and scenarios were a bit provocative for me. ( I could have done without the friend of the dad and the violent video games). Other then that it was wonderful for a good laugh and a night out with the hubbs.
    That crepe place looks amazing! I might have to give it a try when we come out that way labor day weekend!

    1. Yes, you should try it out when you come! So excited to see y'all again!

  10. What a lovely post with lovely, lovely ladies. :)
    Sometime when I come we shall visit this creperie, yes? :)
    much love,

  11. I think the movie was wonderful. Not every movie can be perfect. Everyone has their own standards. If the ladies were covered from head to toe and everything perfect, the audience would have been very small. In my mind it was perfectly decent. Most Bowling alleys HAVE rock music and beer. There are bikers in this world with tattoos. We should not be judgmental. They were trying to appeal to both sides. As I said the audience would have been limited if this movie was perfect. Some people may have seen this and seen the joys of Motherhood. Some may have seen the Christian values and could have been saved! Your never know. Ending, I liked the ending lines "I'm a mess but a beautiful mess I'm HIS masterpiece. And that's enough.

    1. I know they were trying to appeal to both sides- that's what bothered me. That is called "fence riding". Its getting super popular today in the Christian filmmaking circles but that doesn't mean it is right.
      I am aware that most bowling alleys have rock music and beer. I just didn't appreciate that they stuck the pastor and his wife right in the middle of all that, participating, at the end. By doing that, they were giving the message that all of that is the perfect and normal Christian thing to do. Sadly, any more, it is quite normal for Christians to participate in all that, but it doesn't line up with God's Word.
      Wow, you are jumping all over me-my intentions couldn't have been FURTHER from judgmental. The only reason I said "biker guy" was so people who had seen the movie before would know who I was talking about. (I only saw it once so I couldn't remember what his name was) I wasn't saying anything against bikers or tattoos. (my dad was huge into motorcycles and some of my fondest childhood memories are riding motorcycle with him and the neighbor boys who would come and take us little kiddos out on rides)
      I love that ending line is so true. I am so thankful that we are HIS creation and beautiful to Jesus even though we mess up!
      And one last comment. I know everyone has their own standards. But wouldn't it be nice if we all would throw our OWN standards out and go with GOD'S standards?

    2. Hello Chesley,

      I'm VERY SORRY. I did not mean to accuse. I have a hard time explaing what I feel into words. I did not mean for it to come out like that. And I see what you mean by fence riding. My Mother and I have come across Christian movies that would have been fine but for one scene- something bad- because they were trying to appeal to both sides. Again. I'm VERY SORRY!

      P.S. I LOVE your blog. I live in an area where the idea of homeschooling and not dating are not popular and no one understands. I have been made fun of a lot. It is nice to have a blog to read where someone shares the same values.

    3. Sorry again. I think I misspelled your name. I'm having a really bad day.

    4. No problem-I wasn't offended at all, and was just coming back with a few more thoughts. =) I actually love it when people comment with their own thoughts especially when they are different...because then we can discuss like this and it causes everyone (you, me, and all the other people reading) to really think about it and evaluate what they believe and think on different issues, topics, movies...whatever it may be. And that is really my goal of this blog-for people to think about and know what they believe and to be challenged and to challenge. So no need to apologize! I'm glad you commented!
      And don't worry about misspelling my name; its a weird spelling and hardly anyone spells it right. =)

    5. HI Chels, would you ever date a guy on a motorcycle? I never thought I would but my hubby has one now and they are fun hehe!

    6. Obviously there are other things that are more important. =) But if he was the right one...than yes, it wouldn't mind it one bit if he had a motorcycle. =)

  12. Yes! First time with baby #1 in the car - outside temp. -20˚. Second time with baby #2 in the car - outside temp. 95˚. Third time no babies in the car, but late as usual. The guy from the lock-out service said if his handy equipment didn't work, he could just break out the rear passenger window--not funny! Hope that makes you feel better!

  13. Loved the movie!

  14. Hey Chels! Our family went to see Mom's Night Out in theaters and I totally agree with your assessment. I laughed a lot too. :) You know my brother Caleb wants to be a film-maker, right? Well, being that I have a big brother, (two actually), that is a movie critic to the extreme, I was surprised when he said he really enjoyed the movie as well. The creators of the movie, the Erwin brothers, although they are Christians, make it clear that their movies won't be preachy. They want everyone to know that if they watch an Erwin brother's film they will be getting a good clean watch without being preached at, therefore making it acceptable to the secular culture. I'm not saying I necessarily agree, but I hope that helps. ;) And it does make sense. I mean, a lot of people would go see a good clean comedy, but there is a considerable decline when it comes to the percentage of people that would go to see a Christian comedy. And they do incorporate Christian themes as well. Sort of like how you would wean a baby onto solid foods I suppose. Anyway, that's all I've got to say about that. :)

    1. Hey Abby...yes, I'm pretty familiar with the Erwin Brothers philosophy on movie making. (I don't know them personally but we have mutual friends)
      I think us girls from big families can really appreciate the craziness the moms in the movie were going through because we know all about having lots of little kiddos at one time. =) I think that makes those moments in the movie even funnier to us! Right? =)

    2. And its not that I think comedy is's just that I think they could have done better with leaving out a few things and incorporating a few more other things.
      but again...this is coming from someone who is also a very very picky movie critique. =)

    3. Yeah, I totally understand. :) I can definitely relate to the 'mom's going crazy' thing. I babysit a lot when I get the chance. And I'm actually really picky about movies too. I guess my family's been spoiled. We can't sit down to watch a movie without having something to say about it. ;) Thanks Caleb. Anyway, I take your side on things, but I can relate to their philosophy. Sort of. I mean, the world could definitely use some good morals and clean movies, but if you're too concerned about pleasing everyone and not offending the secular culture then I would just as soon not make a movie at all. There isn't a point. Sure, good, clean movies are a good thing, but if you aren't willing to get out there and preach your message, there's no point to making a movie at all. I too don't mean to be critical, but that's just my take on things.

  15. New to blog

    I thought the movie was clean. The clothes were not immodest. Just in Allyson's case, I would want a jacket. The movie had Christian actors, Sean Astin, Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, and actors from Courageous. As to the music, we looked some of the songs up, and they were fine. But I will grant you that Gangahm Stye is bad. I saw no problem with the center story being a boyfriend and girlfriends baby is missing. You heard the pastors wife say "we love you." This movie was saying that we as Christians love even if you sin. "Loving the sinner but hating the sin. Whats wrong with video games? My brothers play baseball, football, Nascar and off road racing. It's perfectly fine. If people like everyone here does not stop badmouthing perfectly fine Christian movies, they may stop making them. Get a life! There are some Christian movies coming out, like When the Game Stands Tall and Alexander and the no good, terrible, horrible, very bad day. I proudly say I WILL BE WATCHING THEM! Just because a movie has video games, drugs, tattoos, etc. does not make it bad. You have to find the moral of the story. In my opion everyone here should NOT watch Sherwood's movies because THEY had everything that y'all are slamming Moms Night Out for. I do not want y'all bad mouthing Sherwood. I say now I were pants and knee leanth dresses to church and around the house. I wear pants to church during Bible School. I watch Lord of the Rings and will never stop. The clothes were fine. I really liked Izzy's outfit. Y'all might be having convulsions at the sight of it, but it's decent in my opion.I don't think I will read this blog if y'all are going to trash perfectly clean entertainment and bash good clothing.

  16. HI Chelsy. I'm the one who just commented. I wanted to say I was sorry. I was hateful in my speech and I'm sorry. I'm going through a lot right now. My brother seems to like a girl who wears dresses that barley go past her behind and they are tight. She also takes God's name in vain A LOT. He is also not saved. I'm saved, but I scared about what might happen this 9/11. I'm scared of what might happen and whats to happen. Right know, I don't want Jesus to come back. I want to write books, I want to have babies. I babysit and I really want to be able to grow up and marry. The thought of living forever and ever scares me some, through I know its beyond human understanding. Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother writing, why waste my time? Some people in my church say its the end the Middle East is in turmoil. But hasn't it always be in turmoil? There are so many ways to get news now. This might sound like a lot of gibberish, but I wanted to say it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and your apology-I appreciate it. I wasn't bashing the movie-just giving my opinion (thankful that its still a free country and I can do that!) and saying some concerns I have. If you read the post again you will find that I mention some things I like about the movie too. I believe as Christians it is important for us to be discerning and know what is going on around us. I just happen to have very high movie standards; I'm not saying everyone else has to have standards just like me, its just what the Lord has led me to personally.
      Keep your eyes on Jesus-He gives grace for whatever situations He allows us to go through, and He is the only One worth living for!

    2. Thank you Chels. I will trust in Jesus. After all, If God be for us who can be against us.? Maybe I should not give up my writing. The disciples thought that Jesus would soon return and they set out to spread the gospel. Yes, its been 2,000 years, but I should write books to God's glory. Do you have a Pinterest or Facebook account? Maybe I could friend or follow you. I know you are probably busy, but do you think you could post more often?

      Thank you

    3. Yes, I do have a pinterest account-its

      My goal is to pick up the posting this fall. {hopefully}

    4. Hi I just followed you. Please follow me back. My picture is the Chik-fil-a cows. Did you hear that Truett Cathy died?


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