Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ohio Roadtrip||Cousin's Wedding

Several weeks ago, my dad, sister, and I took one of our "flying trips" (see definition of that on this post) to Ohio to attend the wedding of my cousin Bryant and his beautiful bride Brianne, and to pick up my mom and youngest sis, who had been visiting my grandparents in New York.
Super cool when the groom sweeps his bride off her feet for the recessional. Love it.
 I told my brothers that they missed out big time on the meal. It was AMAZING. Chips and salsa at every table?! Oh yes. And enchilada burrito type things with all the toppings.
 Bridal table loveliness
Love the pearls around the napkins!
 Isn't it beautiful?
 My uncle and aunt (the groom's parents) shared some very sweet words and memories of their son's life.
Getting to meet the newest little Stoltzfus (the grooms niece)  was definitely a highlight!
 Mom with the four of her eight siblings who were at the wedding.
My cousin and my mom, who matched accidentally. We took this picture to send to my aunt (who wasn't at the wedding) to make her jealous. =)
The happy couple!!
 A few of us cousinhood. The time together was short but super fun. We always have a party whenever we are together. And with all the weddings that have been happening/are in the future, our already large number just keeps growing and growing!
Me with my grandma

So thankful that there are still godly weddings in existence! Due to our touring schedule we have to miss quite a few, so it is always a special treat when we can go. 
And the wedding season seems to be just picking up. It's almost to the point that I could just go to weddings full-time, if I was able. =) 
Another cousin just got engaged the week after Bryant & Bri's wedding, so now HER wedding plans are in full swing and it is so much fun! Looking forward to posting more about that sometime soon!



  1. If the cousin of which you are speaking, happens to be my sister, Please Do post about it!!!;) all this love and planning is just making me want to Jump with excitement!!;}
    The wedding was lovely! I love all the green, and simple potted plants!:) And I'm So looking forward to seeing you in July!!:) And the loveliness and parties to come!!:) Love you and a super big hug!!;} ♥Rhoda

    1. Yes was your sista. =) I'm so pumped as well!! Can't wait to post more about it!
      Can't wait til July either!!

  2. Yay! So when is the first Bontrager wedding???? ;)

    1. well, there are none being planned currently. yet. {smile}

    2. Well you didn't say love wasn't in the air hehe. Does someone have their eye on someone :)

    3. there are no relationships in the works. And no, I don't have my eye on anyone. =)
      I'm 100% single and lovin' it. =)

    4. Single and lovin it- I like that lol. One day some lucky guy will sweep you off your feet and u'll never look back .:) And 4 kiddos later u'll be like ( what happen!!!) Lol, stupid prince charming and all his clever words lol. I'm kidding of course, have a great day Chels.

  3. Oh,looks like a beautiful wedding!! I was in Holmes county two weeks ago shooting a wedding and I saw your cousin Marissa I think is her name and her hubby there.:)

    1. Oh yes, she was at a wedding out there! so neat that you saw her!
      And btw...I have not forgotten to respond to your email about the blog has been crazy and I just haven't had time but I will try to get to that soon!

  4. Hey Chels!!!
    Looks like you all had a great time :)

    Looking forward to seeing you and Allison next week ;)

    Love ya,


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