Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Piled High || Personal

(forgive the peanut butter jar obstructing the photo of my favorite Hudson brother and I)

This post can be titled "Piled High"...
The laundry is piled high in our laundry room because I ran out of laundry soap last week and I'm the one who makes it and I was gone for the weekend. (no laundry soap = much laundry)
The office work is piled high because that's what happens when I take off of work for several days.
The contents of the car from my trip are piled high on the dining room table and waiting to be put away.
The to do list in my planner is piling high with many projects that need immediate attention this week.
The  drafts are piled high in my "posts" folder, meaning that I have a lot that I fully intend to share here but alas! Not enough time lately!
The voting booth was piled high with Bontrager representatives tonight. SIX whole votes from our family. (oh yeah!)
Last but not least...my love cup is piled high and overflowing. I just returned from an amazing weekend spent with some of my lovely cousins on a stellar retreat. (ah! so much beauty I can't wait to blog about!)  And I got to come home to my incredible family, among them my little big brother who has been living in Arkansas and arrived home while I was gone. So good to see everyone in the same place again!

Loving the "piled high" life! (mostly...)


  1. Oh Chelsy!....... what to say... :) Wow. Whoa. Yikes. I don't know. !:) That is a lot of stuff for one girl to do! But I know you can do it! I can't wait to hear about your trip with your cousins! Sounds very fun! <3 from, Mary

  2. I am definitely relating to that "piled high" feeling over here! :) "My cup overflows...." Praise God for this abundant life He gives to each of us!
    Ps - and cheers to catching up on big 'ole piles of laundry! Our washer broke a couple weeks ago. I'm the laundry gal over here. My biggest prayer at the time was "Dear Lord, please don't ever let this happen again."
    Hoping everything gets caught up soon!
    Smile! :)
    In His presence is FULLNESS of joy....


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