Friday, August 8, 2014

Life Lately & Some Kiddos I Love

Y'all! I feel like I haven't blogged---as in, really, REALLY blogged, for months! I've been having too much fun living life. =) 
Summer was busy with lots of traveling and home life, as you can see on our family blog, where my sis & I have been posting.
Then we were home for two short weeks, which were packing full with a family reunion, hosting a bridal shower for my cousinchurch events, helping with/modeling for this incredible photography workshop, and spending lots of time with these precious children pictured here in this post!
this little lady is my special chum, and has been ever since she was just a tiny newborn.
so adorable!
lovin' on baby sister

Have a marvelous weekend, friends!


  1. Lydia is one the CUTEST little girls I know!!! Lizzie

  2. Chelsy,
    Your pictures of your pastor's children are lovely! You did a great job capturing their precious smiles! What are their names? I hope you are doing well and praying for you today!
    Love, Glory

    1. Aaron, Hannah, Lydia, & Abigail. =)

      Thanks for your prayers-appreciate it!

  3. These pictures are so sweet and I'm sure the kiddos totally love getting to spend time with you. :) It was wonderful getting to see you again at the workshop and I hope you are having a blessed August!

    1. awesome to see you too dear..looking forward to more good times in about a month! {hurray!}

  4. Those kiddos look like such a joy and delight to spend time with! Lovely pictures! The little lady in purple has such adorable facial expressions. ;-) Praying for you all!
    Walking with Him,

  5. hey:) could you check out my new blog whenever you get the chance?:) not as good as yours, but I'm just getting started:)

  6. Oh my goodness! They are so ADORABLE!!!! Reminds me of my younger siblings....

  7. Love all these precious pictures of some very special little ones :)


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