Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brown Maxi Makeover||Fashion

It started with this dress. My sister bought it back before she figured out her color season. (more on that coming!) 
Once she figured out her season, she realized that dark brown next to her face doesn't work very well for her. Now, I am a different season and brown is one of my best colors, but I didn't like the dress because the bodice fit weird and even though I obviously would only have worn the dress with a cami/tee underneath, still it just didn't look right. Add to that the fact that the dress hit about two inches above my ankles, which is just an awkward length for a maxi. =)

So obviously there were some problems, and the dress just wasn't going to be worn as it was. But when you have such lovely chocolate brown knit material, with such lovely ruffles at the bottom...the dress just is not going to goodwill. 
There's no way. 
It is going straight to the sewing machine, with yours truly at the helm. =)
The first step was to hack off that bodice, or lack thereof. =)

Once the bodice was gone, all I had to do was add elastic to the waist, and....
...voila!! =)

All you really have to do with these things is just make yourself think outside the box! Knit material is often very expensive and so if you have a knit clothing item that just isn't working as it is,  cut it up and use it for something else because that material is valuable. =)

Was this tutorial helpful? Have you ever done a project like this? Please comment..I'd love your feedback!


  1. My mom did this to a maxi dress(actually more than one) and I wear it all the time!!!:)

  2. Way to go, girl! It looks great! Luv the tops and scarf you paired it with, too. :)

    Also, STOKED for the post(s) on color seasons!


    1. Thanks! And its actually my sis Alli modeling for me, just to clarify and give her due credit. =)

  3. yes, brown is def a color that looks great on you. :) cute outfit!! no joke I have seen 2 of these same dresses in different colors/patterns recently..I think both at goodwills. almost bought one and then decided against it - I think the awkward bodice top had something to do with that, haha! love the knit material tho!

  4. LOVE that sewing idea!!! I will have to keep that in mind next time I see a dress like that at a thrift store.:) Isn't that an awesome thing about shopping at thrift stores? You can buy things for a really low price and then transform them into something totally new and even modest!

    Also- love the scarf and shirt! I love observing styles like that and then applying them to my wardrobe!:)


    Morgan R.

  5. This is so fun! Your skirt came out beautifully... You would never know it had been a dress! You've reminded me that I should take the time to look differently at the dresses at thrift stores... Ooh, the refashion possibilities! ;-) The two different tones of brown look so nice in your outfit... Might try that myself sometime soon!
    Walking w/ Him,

  6. Is that your floor the dress is on top of? We need to replace our floor and are looking for a durable floor. Is it easy to clean? what type of floor is it? Thanks!

    1. Yes, it is our laundry room/sewing room floor. It is tile. I LOVE it...super easy to clean!!! and its beautiful. I'm not sure though what kind of tile it is.

    2. Thank you for answering. If you could find out what kind of tile that is, it would be great. But if you can't, I will understand.

  7. Oh, I love this idea! My mom has made many skirts for my younger sisters doing this! I like the color and the ruffle is really cute! Hope you do more tutorials in the future!! :)

  8. Did just this with a lace maxi halter dress from Vanity last spring. So fun!

  9. That skirt is so cool! Well done!

  10. This tutorial is TOTALLY helpful!
    Through our neighborhood co-op,I received 3 never worn maxi-dresses.
    They seem to be the fashion this summer. However, I'm not comfortable wearing them because of the top part. I hate to seem ungrateful and never use something gifted to me in kindness.
    Now I can wear them!
    No maxi-dress at the local Goodwill is "safe" ;-D. Summer wardrobe....becomes winter wardrobe!
    Thanks for this post!


  11. So classy! Quite a few of my skirts are dresses-turned-skirts like this, can get a little dangerous while thrifting though, since there is so much potential and *something* most probably can be made out of most clothing items. :) And, yes, love tutorials like this - super helpful!


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