Monday, October 6, 2014

Cherish Life

Tonight I am tired, tired, and more tired. After three cups of coffee you'd think energy would be abounding. But not so.

It is these moments when I am tired, and at the end of my rope, and just weary with everything, that I have to stop and remember what is the most important, after all.

My list? My work? My goals? My ambitions? My schedule? My blog?

Just bear with me a moment, friends, while I talk to myself about changing my perspective. 

What is the most important? 
It is LIFE that is the most important. It is RELATIONSHIPS that are the most important.
Why am I constantly forgetting that? How many times do I have to get to the end of my day and realize that I just flew along with my own schedule + agenda and didn't make time for relationships? 

LIFE is precious. It is short. It is fleeting. 

I forget this. I think that the people I love will be with me forever. I think that "tomorrow", I will go out for coffee with that friend, or have a special date with my little sister, or throw the football with my brothers. 
I think that tomorrow I will write that encouraging note to that person who I know is going through a rough time, or take a special snack to my brother at work, or visit my grandma for an afternoon chat.

If I miss everything else this month, if I fail at hitting every other goal, I want to spend time building relationships and CHERISHING LIFE. This, after all, is the most important. 

First of all, cherishing + cultivating my life with Jesus. 
And secondly, cherishing the LIFE through my relationships. Spending quality time with the people Jesus has placed in my life today. Choosing to love, give, serve, and rejoice in every moment. 

What about you? How will you choose today to cherish life?


  1. Great blog post!
    I'm proud of you!

    Love, dad

  2. Chelsy, I really appreciate your post. People are so very important. Relationships matter. Thanks for sharing. Marinda

  3. Beautiful, Chelsy! And so very true. Thank-you for the timely reminder!
    Hugs, Joanna

  4. Perhaps you did have a message.
    Thank you

  5. Thank you, Chelsy. You are a very good, Godly example to me in very much, even though I don't personally know you. Thank you for that.

    ~ Morgan R.

  6. I had to respond to a car wreck through EMS to be taught that valuable lesson.
    Thanks for the post!!

  7. This is a wonderful post Chelsy!

  8. This is so true! I need to cherish every moment! Reminds me of one of my favorite songs that you guys sing! "Cherish and Moment". xoxo, Mary

  9. Thank you very much, Chelsy! I needed to hear that today!

  10. Encouraging thoughts, Chels! Thanks for sharing!

    P.s. I said a prayer for you.

  11. Thanks Chelsy! I really enjoyed reading this!
    The importance of life has be made so clear to me especially because this Sept. my baby brother went to be with Jesus. Thanks again for this post! Life is so precious!
    God bless
    Anne |

  12. Thanks for the reminder, I really needed it.

  13. That is an awesome post! Thanks so much!

  14. Wow!
    This post really hit home.

    "LIFE is precious. It is short. It is fleeting”
    I lost my Dad and Grandpa within weeks of each other. It has not been easy. Each day since, my husband takes me aside and tells me.....
    "This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it."

    And it helps me focus on what I have.
    What the Lord has given to me. And that I KNOW my Daddy and Grandpa are with him. I may hurt but they no longer do.
    Each day gets better and better. I care for those around me...more than I ever have. I give...more than I ever have. Even when I'm at the end of my rope.
    I think....
    what would please the Lord?
    what would my Dad (A Veteran who overcame and gave so much) do and think of my negative self pity?

    I cherish the moments so much more.
    The tree in the yard is majestically showing its fall colors. The Lords beauty on display. The kids I take care of (I'm the only stay at home wife in the neighborhood co-op. It is quite the gift as we wait for our own little blessings) wish they could always see such pretty things and bring me bouquets of fall leaves.
    Tomorrow, I will teach them to make wax paper pressings. It seems small. But I know it will bring them joy.

    Thanks for this post and encouragement.
    It brings things into prospective.

    Blessings to you!

    PS- Sorry for my novel length comment. It is just rare to find such encouragement from my generation. :)

    1. Thank-you for this comment, Elizabeth! May the Lord bless and strengthen you during this time!!
      Your thoughts are so encouraging-thankyou for sharing!


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