Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Guest Post||Louisa's Inspiring Zipper Skirt Idea!

Meet my beautiful friend, Louisa! She is an amazing seamstress and is constantly sewing all sorts of inspiring outfits. Recently, at family camp, she was wearing this beautiful skirt that she had made. I was puzzled because at the beginning of the day I saw her wearing a shorter skirt, and then several hours later I saw her wearing what looked like the exact same skirt, except it was floor length! I thought "wow, she changed fast". 

Actually not...she just unzipped! See below...
How creative is that?! 
Here are her instructions on how she was inspired to make this skirt, and how she went about it:
"I made this skirt because I like to wear long "elegant" skirts but I often find they get in the way when I want to do something like run around the block or jump up the stairs... so when I found a duffel bag at the thrift store,  that zipped up into a small travel case, I decided to try the same concept on a skirt. So I pulled out a pattern, altered it to be more duffel like; picked out fabric, almost jean material; and a zipper I had gotten at the thrift store a while back that just happened to be the right length,  6 feet. (bout twice the circumfrence of the hips is a good length)
 It was rather simple and a few hours later I had a new skirt, and when I unzipped it I had "second" new skirt."

Rather simple?! I'd say she is RATHER, extremely, talented!!
So genius!!
And there you have it! If that doesn't absolutely and totally inspire all you seamstresses out there....then I'm not sure what will. =) Isn't it amazing?

Thank-you, Louisa, for these lovely pictures + for taking the time to share this creative idea with all of us!

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  1. That is SO creative, Louisa! I remember that skirt from family camp-and thought the same thing as Chels...WOW!!!!

  2. That is so amazing and beautiful as well!

  3. Amazing skirt, Louisa! What a talent for not only sewing, but also style and creativity that the Lord has given you! May you use them for His glory!
    God bless!
    Morgan R. Ephesians 2:10

  4. I love it!!! That is such an awesome idea!

  5. Hi! That skirt is cool! But couldn't you see the zipper? Or did she do it inside out so you couldn't tell so much... Btw, I'm a new follower to your blog and I love it! Thanks so much for the encouraging posts!

  6. Wow that's creative! Nice job Louisa!!

  7. Chels, when Louisa first demonstrated her "contraption" to us at camp, my jaw quite almost hit the ground. She. is. genious!!
    Three cheers for Louisa!!

  8. This is genius!
    It would be AMAZING for long road-trips or flights!
    You have an amazing talent!
    If you open a business, I'd be one of the first in line!


  9. That is so amazing! I think you need to convince her to whip up a tutorial! :)

  10. I was blown away by this at family camp and am so glad you posted these pictures! Simply amazing. I too was thinking how similar the fabric/style of the two skirts were...and was totally inspired when she demonstrated the whole zipper thing to us ladies. :)

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I remember this! I was blown away with this idea! #throwbacktofamilycamp #PerfectforPintrest


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