Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just Because....

 ....babies are seriously the best thing in the world. 
 And sometimes they just take my breath away because they are so.priceless.and.precious.
 I think they are one of God's very most amazing gifts.



  1. Aw! Such a sweet baby! I love little people too!! <3

  2. Totally agree=)

  3. ABSOLUTELY! We've always had a lot of little kids in the house between my younger siblings and my cousins. Now they're almost all above five years old- not exactly "little" anymore! (Even all the kids at church are big now! :-( I think I'm going to go crazy without any little ones around. Unfortunately even though all my cousins are big, none but two are married, and they live too far away to enjoy their little ones. I'm unmarried, but if that stays that way, Lord Willing I'll adopt. I just can't imagine my life without little ones! Keep sharing the beautiful pictures, and enjoy the babies, toddlers and preschoolers in your life!!

  4. I totally agree on this with you sista! I LOVE children/babies too! I can hold babies a long time and not get tired of it! Children and definitely a blessing from God! <3 these pics! So sweet! -Mary

  5. Babies are Awesome!!!!!!

  6. Oh boy, yeah, Babies are SO one of the best things in this world! I totally agree!

  7. Oh! What a darling post, Chelsy! I LOVE little ones! Blessed IS the man whose quiver is full of them! Praise God for little ones! My mom is due with our 8th in April 2015!:)Whose the darling little one in the pictures?

    ~ Morgan

  8. Babies and little people is one of the amazing miracles God has created. =) .... and I have developed a serious love for these little miracles!!!
    the images are PRICELESS and stunning. =) thanks for posting this!
    ~ Priscilla G

  9. Ahh, SO grateful for the blessing of kiddos <3


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