Monday, October 20, 2014

Life Lately + Giveaway Winner!

I'm back here on the blog tonight with  little tiny update of sorts. Nothing deep, life changing, or spectacular. Just a few little thoughts on life lately and some memories from this month.

*kisses from my little brother when I wear my "kiss the cook" apron
*ordering a pumpkin latte for the first time just because it seemed the appropriate october thing to do, and disliking it so much that I couldn't drink more than the first few sips (yeah, I'm strange)
*deciding that the prettiest state of all in the fall is definitely minnesota
*spending a few lovely days with my cousin bestie up in manitoba! (pics to come...)
*snuggling the precious little abigail during church services
*consuming more coffee this month than I have any other month this year
*being overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas for Blogtober
*not having nearly enough time to work on said inspiration and ideas
*getting in the mood for the Live Animal Christmas Play!
*receiving packages in the mail
*our last music tour of the year
*listening to hours upon hours of Scripture recitation from my five siblings who have qualified for the upcoming national Bible Bee
*babysitting lots of sweet little people
*training my little sister to run my camera
*listening to one of my favorite messages while driving and being inspired + convicted all over again
*practicing new wedding music for an upcoming wedding
*videoing the VLOG with Hannah Elise today! (can't wait to share!)
*getting out the boots and cardigans and scarves because its AUTUMN again!
*working for my grandma and loving it

Of course there is a host of other things. But these are a few special ones that came to my mind tonight!

And then of course...tonight is the promised night of announcing the Vintage Necklace Giveaway winner!!
I counted through the comments and found number thirty-four (which was the number I got from and I about squealed to discover that this number was my lovely friend,
Miss Emily Adams! So excited for you to win this necklace, Ems! I will get it in the mail to you soon!

{note: several of you asked if Allison sells her jewelry anywhere. She sells it at a local coffee shop here in town, but that is the only place currently. I have told her she should start an etsy shop; I think it would be a hit! If you would buy from her, email her and give her a little encouragement to get a shop going. =) Her email is}

Have a great night, friends!


  1. LOVE Hudson's face in the picture=)
    Just curious, Does Alli sell her necklaces?? Because if so, I would be very interested in purchasing one...:)

  2. WOOHOO!!! Sooooo happy I won... can't wait to start wearing it!! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, Chels!


  3. Congratulations to the Vintage Necklace Giveaway winner!!!!!!!!! I am sure you're very excited!:)

    Also, Chelsy, I so loved reading all of your favorite memories from October! Fall is such a fun season! And I am sure that your siblings are looking very forward to Nationals! I am continuing to pray for them and for everyone as that time is quickly drawing near! May the Lord grant them a bountiful supply of wisdom and strength and may He be glorified through this year!
    And lastly, does Allison have a jewelry business? Just wondering.:)
    Have a blessed rest of October!
    In Christ,
    Morgan R. Heb.4:16

  4. Lovely list, Chelsy! So excited to see the VLOG you and Hannah videoed!! :D

  5. Whoohoo Minnesota is the BEST!!!

  6. Love the picture + thankful list, Chels!

  7. How do you get in the 'drawing' for allisons give aways? Ihave seen her give away jewlery , but I never know how to get involved the next time! I would be very interested in this.
    Thank you,
    a friend


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