Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rebecca's Idea for a New National Holiday

 Just because I I am going to let y'all in on a brilliant idea my seven year old sister had lately. Enjoy a little peek into the mind of a seven year old.

(Rebecca) "Chels, why do we celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day?

(me) "Well, because they are special days set aside to honor our mothers and fathers".

(Rebecca) "Why do we do that?"

(me) "Well, because they do things for us, and celebrating them is one way for us to thank them".

(Rebecca) "So...why don't we have girls and boys day?"

(me) "Wait...what? Girls and boys day?"

(Rebecca) "Yeah. Because moms and dads do things for us, but we do lots of things for them. So we should have a special girls and boys day."

(me) "Well, we do have special days for us. We have birthdays that we celebrate. Those are the special times for girls and boys."

(Rebecca) "Yeah...but moms and dads have birthdays too."

(me) "Yes, I know...but Mothers Day and Fathers Day are just special for them because they do so much for us."

(Rebecca) "But we do a lot for them!"

(me) "I give up, Rebecca. You can be the inventor of the new national holiday, "Girls & Boys Day".

Ah, the mind of a seven year old. Gotta love their logic, flawed though it may be at times! (smile)


  1. Love this!(: Lizzie

  2. That's adorable...Gotta love little one's minds...:)
    Great picture...=)

  3. Aww that's cute!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Such a fun post! I have a seven year old brother- totally LOVE seven year olds!:) Some of the things they can come up with are so funny!!! They are SO fun!
    And I LOVE the picture you posted, too! Totally reminds me of some funny pictures we've taken!:) It's fun to take pictures like that!:)

  5. That is cute. I used to say something like that when I was little, but I called it daughter's day and son's day.

  6. Aww! Way too cute. =) love it!

  7. Aw! Rebecca sounds so cute!! :)

  8. That is SO sweet! I totally agree with Rebecca! :) -Mary

  9. Hi. I'm still having trouble with the emails Is any one else? I LOVE having the email blog posts and have about 50. If I can't get this fixed or figure out what's wrong I may try pinning your blog posts if you put them on Pinterest. Do you? I'm following you btw.

    1. yes I do put them on pinterest! the old ones will still be linked back to my previous site name though, so they probably won't show up correctly for you. But all the new ones (in the past week) and future should show up fine on pinterest!

  10. And THIS is why I feel beyond blessed to be the only stay at home wife in our neighborhood co-op! There is never a day without having to take care of a baby, child or children and moments like these.

    This post really made me smile!

  11. That is so cute.:) Actually a friend told me once that in Japan they have a Children's day.:)

  12. I remember that feeling. I remember being told, about that, "every day is kids' day". Or, like a day when there's a teachers' conference and no school(I don't know what the equivalent of that would be for homeschooling, but something might come to mind later) And now, as a 40-something, I can see why these "special days" can be painful. We didn't have children. There are many of that walk of life, and different categories; some never married, some were unable to have children, some lost children, etc. Others feel like failures if they and their adult sons and daughters made choices that they wouldn't have chosen. That can get very diverse so I won't go there. One way to re-direct Rebecca's thinking is to get her to make a "holiday" for anyone else who feels left out of the majority. I had a friend who tried to make up a "singles day" right after Valentine's Day, for example. Good way to teach how God calls us all to different things. Thanks for sharing!


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