Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Beginning!!

Today is the first day of the second Boho Blogtober challenge! (ha, I almost said second "annual" Boho Blogtober just because that sounded right =))

I'm going to be 100% honest and say that I'm really not quite sure how the posting this month is going to work this year. I'm committed to it will be a challenge for sure! Originally I was planning to be home most of October but life happened and plans changed and now I'm planning trips to Canada, Wisconsin, & Florida. That is in addition to harvest being in full swing which means I will also be packing many many lunches and running many many harvest related errands. All in October. #wild

So! This is forcing me to be super disciplined and schedule posts ahead to publish on the days I will be gone, which means I'm needing a lot of inspiration right now. =)

As a little "gift" to myself for doing Blogtober (yes, I buy gifts for myself...don't judge =)) I bought two blogging books and I've been reading through those this past week. Wow...not so sure that was a good idea! I've been majorly inspired but also pretty overwhelmed. All of a sudden I'm getting all these ideas for marketing and writing and things on my blog that I need to change, and redo, and revamp, and I'm finding that I have to keep myself on track and say "no, Chels; you're not there yet. Just keep going a little at a time and don't attempt to totally change everything at once, but go s.l.o.w.".

So here's to going slow, and making progress one little step at a time. =)

Welcome to October!


  1. Hey Chelsy!
    So proud of you! I would be overwhelmed as well with so much to do in October! Where in Florida are you planning to go to? Anywhere near where I live? Would love to see you!

    1. Hey Glory!
      Aw, would love to see you too! I'm actually going to be flying to Orlando to watch my siblings compete in the National Bible Bee down there! I'm super stoked about it since I've never been to nationals before!
      So yeah, not really close to you area...but we may be coming your way in January/February when we go on tour again! Do you think your church might like to host a concert?

    2. Oh, that would be wonderful! However, I am not sure if it would all work out though...I will have to see!

  2. Yay, first post!!! Its hard to believe it is already October..... I am looking forward to these post! Going to be LOTS of fun! Love ya girl and! -Mary

  3. Thanks for being honest, Chels!! I look forward to your posts and can't wait to see what you have in store!! :D

  4. Awesome!!! Looking really forward to this. I didn't get to do this on your blog last year, so it will be fun and exciting to do it this year!!!

    That is also so awesome that you are going to go down to Nationals. Wish I could be there, too! I have several friends going down this year, and I am continuing to pray for everyone, including all of your siblings. Lord willing we will be watching all of the semi finals (and hopefully finals), so maybe we'll see some of your siblings competing!:)

    Have a blessed month! Praying your blogging goes well and the Lord uses it to bless, inspire and encourage others! The Lord bless you and keep you, Chelsy!

    In Christ's love,

    Morgan R.

  5. Looking forward to your posts! All the best, and traveling mercies on your trips!

  6. Ahh, so excited for this month! Your posts are always an encouragement. Will be praying for ya as you manage all the activities and trips!


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