Monday, January 12, 2015

Goals for 2015

First of all, my greatest apologies for this post not arriving on Saturday as promised. I really should know by now not to promise posts at certain times, especially when I am on tour with my family. How could I know we wouldn't even have cell service in the hills of Kentucky on Saturday, and that by the time the day was over I would have done ??? loads of laundry, and a shopping trip for new concert outfits, and spent ?? hours on the bus, and given a concert with my family??
 Oh is better than never! And I will try to stop promising posts at certain times, since that seems to determine that I will be late. =)

I have always loved goals. Problem is, I am waaay too visionary + tend to shoot for the stars and not get even close with accomplishing what I am striving for, which results in me getting discouraged and upset that I even set goals in the first place.

Can anyone relate?

But. All that is still a proven fact that people who set goals accomplish more than those who don't. After all, its better to set goals + not make all of them...than to not set any goals + succeed at nothing! This quote says it so well:  "How you spend your time is how you spend your LIFE". I am realizing this more + more; time is just a gift we've been given. We don't know when ours will run out; we have no idea how long we have. We are called to MAKE THE MOST of the time we've been given + to spend it wisely for the Lord!

So for 2015, I am once again setting a list of goals. I'm going with a slightly different approach though this year. I've decided to have a broad list of things/areas I want to improve in, and then post each month about how specifically I plan to work on it. That way, I can be more intentional + focused (hopefully!) as I re-gear + prioritize each month.

So here are a few of my more general goals, random + different though some of them may be. These are areas I want to improve in in 2015.
I will be breaking these down each month + sharing specific ways I want to work on each goal, individually.

1) Read more
2) Exercise more
3) Drink more water
4) Budget + track spending
5) Memorize more scripture
6) Make relationships TOP priority
7) Specifically improve + grow in some specific skills
8) Give myself a better history education
9) Read the Bible through twice
10 Journal every day
11) Learn to slow down
(don't laugh at the last one-I told you the list was a little odd!)

Specifically for this month, I am aiming for the following:

::Read the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John)
::Finish memorizing Philippians 2 & start on Philippians 3
::Read Make It Happen (by Lara Casey)
::Read The Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey)
::Write reviews on the above two books
::Journal every day
::Send out birthday packages to two cousins + a friend
::Do something special for each person in my family, individually
::Determine a theme word for 2015
::Post my "Single + Satisfied" post. (even if its the ONLY post I do for the rest of the month.This post has been in my drafts folder for EVER + in my heart for even longer + it's starting to haunt me =))

These are simple goals. But I'm on tour with my family, and every day is different, and I'm starting small because that is the way to grow, anyway.

"I press toward the mark for the prize of the HIGH CALLING of God in Christ Jesus".
Philippians 3:14

Do y'all set goals? What are some of yours for 2015? I'd love to hear!


  1. Can completely relate about setting goals that at times seem impossible. So much I want to accomplish, but goals help me to achieve more, even if I don't really complete them all the way I first intended. My goals are here -

  2. I think your goals are perfectly realistic and I love that you broke it down by month! Last year I was so excited to set goals but ended up not finishing any of them because of being so sick with my last pregnancy. It was definitely a lesson in giving my goals to the Lord and letting Him direct my steps! :D Praying for your upcoming concerts and travels!

  3. What are your new concert outfit colors?

    1. black, chocolate brown, camel (tan), + dark red. =)

  4. Your goals are perfectly realistic, Chels! We too set goals every year, and agree that it is a really good way to organize the things that you want to accomplish in the next year. It gives more incentive to do things in my opinion!

    A few random goals of mine...
    ~start a thankfulness journal, and write at least one thing down everyday
    ~participate in the Bible Bee
    ~pray for friends and family specifically everyday
    ~journal more than once every few weeks=)
    ~exercise several times a week
    ~spend more time with my siblings
    ~keep up on all of my instrument practicing
    ~paint Scripture on various walls of our house

    Thank you for the post, Chels! I really enjoyed reading your goals and ideas!
    Blessings, and prayers for your trip!

  5. Such a fun post! You goals are so purposeful!
    Yes, I do set goals. Though usually the only goals that I set are memorizing ones.=) On January 1st I set a goal to memorize the first book of Psalms (Psalms 1-41) by June first (the day the Bible Bee box arrives....=)!!!!!), as well as Isaiah 40, and [my slightly visionary side kicks in when I say] hopefully get some Psalms from the second book of Psalms memorized before June 1st.:) I am working on memorizing the book of Psalms.:) Then I'll break for BB and see what the Lord has from there. Once BB is officially over for me, as far as God leads, I'll continue memorizing Psalms.
    I just wanted to say too that another 'goal' I set this year is because of a way that your life has challenged mine. I am just so challenged and inspired at how you purpose to each day build relationships with your siblings. As the oldest in my family, too, I have been greatly challenged by that and have been purposing each day to express enthusiastic and genuine interest in my siblings interests (rather than always my own!) and spend more time with them. I was also challenged by what you shared on the Vlog, too, concerning relationships with bigger age differences within your family (when Baby #8 is born in April, I'll be 17, going on 18- that will be the biggest age difference so far:)). Thank you for being such a genuine example to me. You are truly some one I look up to as an older sister in the Lord.
    All for Christ,
    Morgan Roth 1 Thessalonians 5:11

  6. I loved this post, cause its something that's become so important to me! I love the freshness of a "new start." I've been working on setting goals high enough that they stretch me a lot, but not so high that I get lost and feel overwhelmed. I think you've set a pretty intense list for yourself! And its not weird - it just shows where your priorities lie, and that's awesome!

    Some of my goals involve reading through my Bible (doing the 101-day challenge right now and loving it!), and getting through a lot of other reading material. Studying history is something I'm terrible about getting done, so its on my goal list and I'm scavenging for books to go through! I've created a list of events/parties I want to put together for my friends/church ladies throughout the year, because I tend not to think creatively in the moment and then it doesn't happen often enough. Aaaaaand I have some specific skills I'm working on, and I update those goals throughout the year as I make progress.

    Thanks for posting! Its always inspirational to me.

  7. Thank you for sharing, Chelsy! I like how you broke the goals down into simpler, practical steps. I've been thinking about diving into "Make it Happen" one of these days after hearing about it from Hannah, too! One of my goals is memorizing Malachi + James with the alumni group in Jan-March. Thanks again + have a blessed week! <3

  8. Chelsy, I LOVE the realistic approach! =) thanks for sharing!! You continually inspire me! One of my goals this year is read the Bible through. =)
    Have a marvelous week!
    ~ Priscilla

  9. Thanks to all for your sweet comments; it was great to hear some of the things that YOU are working towards this coming year!

  10. "I have always loved goals. Problem is, I am waaay too visionary + tend to shoot for the stars and not get even close with accomplishing what I am striving for, which results in me getting discouraged and upset that I even set goals in the first place." ...WOW, that sounds familiar. *raises hand in the air sheepishly* Girl, I feel ya. ;)

    Also, GREAT goals, girl! For real, I'm impressed. :) Looking forward to seeing your future posts on this!
    Much love,

  11. a new year and setting new goals is always so fun. quite enjoyed reading these - realistic goals are always a struggle for me. Over achiever + stubbornness doesn't always makes for realistic goals for me. :)


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