Thursday, January 1, 2015

Upcoming January Concert Schedule!

{the sisterhood}

As many of you already know, I travel with my family half of the year giving concerts all across the USA and Canada. Every January, we head out on the road for three months of ministry across the southern states. Last year I started posting our touring schedule here on my blog, and it was a subsequent blessing to meet so many of my blog readers at our concerts! I am going to continue the schedule posting here for 2015, and hope to meet many more of you! Our concerts are free + open to the public. Please leave a comment with any questions!

3...Streets Gym, Latham, MO, 7pm
4...Bethel Baptist Church, Sikeston, MO, 10am
4...Memorial Baptist Church, Murray, KY, 6pm
5...Old Bethel Baptist Church, Eddyville, KY, 6pm
6...Glasgow Faith Church, Glasgow, KY, 6pm
7...Bible Baptist Church (Holiday Inn Express), Clinton, TN, 7pm
8...Heartland Worship Center, Lenoir City, TN, 7pm
10...Panco Community Church, Oneida, KY, 6pm
11...First Baptist Church, Pennington Gap, VA, 11am
11...Friendship Baptist Church, Jonesville, VA, 6pm
14...Emmanuel Baptist Church, Carthage, NC, 7pm
16...Smyrna Presbyterian Church, Newberry, SC, 7pm
17...Reedy Branch Baptist Church, Broxton, GA, 7pm
18...Westwood Baptist Church, Ambrose, GA, 10:45am
18...Word of Life, Montezuma, GA, 7pm
21...Mt Shady Baptist Church, Swainsboro, GA, 7pm
22...Living Waters, Waynesboro, GA, 7pm
23...Elkdale Baptist Church, Selma, AL, 7pm
24...East Gadsden United Methodist Church, East Gadsden, AL, 6pm
25-29...Renew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide Alabama
30...New Home Baptist Church, Monroeville, AL, 7pm

 Please consider yourself invited, and come if you live nearby to any of these locations! 

And Happy New Year! =) 


  1. I wish I could make it the 4th. Can we be pen pals?

    1. At this point I can't really have pen pals due to an arm injury I had five years ago. It really affects my writing and I can do some but not much before I am in pain. I've cut most regular letter writing and do the blog instead. =)

    2. What!? What happened? #alwayslearningnewthings

    3. I was interning/working for a french chef the summer after I graduated, and I was kneading sixty loaves of bread by hand, every week, on a high counter top. It was a lot of strain on my upper arms/shoulders because the counter was so high + because I did the bread in three batches, which meant it was TON of dough each time.
      Anyway, I ended up having to do the whole physical therapy/weekly chiro appts deal, and even though its better than it was its never been the same since. I can't practice piano for 2hrs in a row anymore, and actually with every instrument I play I can only practice for a certain amount of time before I have to stop and take a break cause it just gets too painful.
      So thats the saga of my injury. =)

  2. Thank you for posting your schedule, Chels!

    I LOVE your and your sista's hairstyles!!! SO pretty=)

    Blessings, and Happy New Year!

    1. Chels...I know I already commented on this post, but I was wondering...Is Rebecca wearing the hair flower that I sent Miss Elizabeth for her birthday? Cause it looked familiar=)
      Blessings and safe travels! Praying for ya'll!


    2. Yes she is! You are very observant! =) They both love it and wear it all the time! So sweet of you to send it. =)

    3. I am so glad that the girls liked it! We like wearing them around here, and I thought it would be an appropriate gift for a young lady with long and beautiful hair=)

  3. I will be keeping your family in our prayers as you travel and for your ministry! Do you think that your family may come to Pennsylvania again this year? =)
    Continue to praise, serve and GLORIFY the LORD!!!

    1. We might be coming in the late summer. Watch our website; full schedule will be coming soon!

  4. Yesterday it was about 9 degrees in I'm pretty jealous that you're headed down south :) Love the sister picture! You are ALL gorgeous!

  5. Oooh, y'all are so close on the 16th! Man… :(

    God blesses!

    Daughter of the King

  6. Looks like you are driving right past our little farm in Farmington MO
    Hope all this rain isn't causing too much delay!


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