Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February Goals

Goals, goals, goals.
I knew it was going to be rough being accountable to the whole world with my monthly goals.

I just have to keep telling myself that it is good for me to do this. Oh so good. Even if it is a little painful + humiliating to publicly fail sometimes. (ouch!)

So here's the lowdown on January's goals!
::Read the Four Gospels (I read Matthew + Mark but didn't make it through Luke + John)
::Finish memorizing Philippians 2 & start on Philippians 3
::Read Make It Happen
::Read The Total Money Makeover (started it! just didn't finish)
::Write reviews on the above two books (currently working on it. hope to share soon!)
::Journal every day (ah! almost made this! only missed one day! )
::Send out birthday packages to two cousins + a friend
::Do something special for each person in my family, individually. (trying again for it this month!)
::Determine a theme word for 2015 (posting on this tomorrow...)
::Post my "Single + Satisfied" post. (no words. obviously it didn't get done. sorry y'all! maybe Valentines Day?!)

I'm excited about February + have lots of big plans for my schedule this month!
::Journal every day
::Finish "Total Money Makeover"
::Read "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad"
::Read "Color Me Beautiful"
::Start "Journals of Jim Elliot" (its a huge book + I want to read it over the process of several months)
::Read Luke, John, Acts, + Romans
::Continue with memorizing Philippians 3
::Do something special for/with each person in my family, individually
::Do something special for five friends on Valentines Day
::Send birthday packages to two cousins
::Write letters to both of my grandmas
::Write out + send a blog interview to a blogger friend
::Post Single + Satisfied
::Post six additional posts
::Clean out + organize the inventory section of the trailer
::Book a photographer + get family pictures taken!

I normally don't post all of my work goals, because the list is waaay long and would bore y'all to death anyways. But the last two projects on my goals list are big ones that really need to get done, so I thought I'd go ahead + post those two anyhow.

It is a constant challenge to be scheduled + disciplined on the road. This is mainly because no two days are the same, and the time is so FULL of people + ministry that its difficult sometimes to make personal goals happen. As with everything good, though, it is worth the effort! Better to aim for the stars and miss, than to aim for nothing and hit every time!

"Whereunto I also labour, striving acceding to His working, which worketh in me mightily."
Colossians 1:29

What are some of your goals for this month?


  1. Can you do a Q&A? I have soooooo many questions for you!

    1. Maybe! Leave a comment with your questions + I just might be able to answer some! =)


    2. What version(s) of the Bible do you use?

      What is your favorite Bibel verse?

      What is your favorite hymn?

      What kind of music do you listen to? Do you think it is okay as a Christian to listen to pop, country, or rock music?

      What are your favorite fiction books? What are your favorite non fiction books?

  2. Just because...I love the photo:) It just is a beautiful view of our Creator's handiwork!!
    Thanks for posting about your goals...I love talking about goals and making lists and doing things...I think it's partly my personality=) "Better to aim for the stars and miss, than to aim for nothing and hit every time!" LOVE this true girl!!!

    A couple things that I want to do this month...
    -finish a baby girl quilt that has been laying on my project rack for months=)
    -write a critique on "Pride and Prejudice"
    -make a few more baby hats to post on my Etsy shop
    -write at least on thing in my thankfulness journal everyday
    -start memorizing Ephesians, and solidify Galatians

    Thanks for the post, Chels! Blessings, friend! Oh, and {Single and Satisfied} sounds SO interesting!:)

    1. I love hearing your goals, Rachael! So neat that you are doing a thankfulness journal...I've been thinking of doing one!

    2. Just now am seeing this=) Yes, you should totally start a thankfulness journal! It has been a huge blessing for me!{or a "blessing that's huge":) Quoting one of the songs from y'alls Soon and Very Soon CD} This is the first year I have done one, but I wish I would have thought of it before!

      Blessings, and have a lovely day!

      p.s I still LOVE the "aim for the stars" quote=)

  3. I'm looking forward to those blog posts!

  4. Chelsy- As your aunt and relative, I totally identify to trying to do too much. I'm not very smart but I am pretty certain that you set your goals too high. :) You feel stressed when you don't reach them all. Been there, done that. May I kindly suggest you take at least half the stuff off your list, breathe deep, and rest?! Sometimes, reading your blog makes me tired. Living life at a crazy and stressful pace constantly is not good for us. It takes years off of our life, or the quality of life. Please, dear, don't misunderstand me. I mean this in all kindness. and i'm not offended if you don't post this comment. Love you lots!

    1. Yes, I'm your understand me too well. (the whole "bontrager" strengths + weaknesses thing) So thankful that you are always willing to tell me the hard things!
      Thank-you for this, aunt...I needed it. Love + miss you so much!!


  5. It's so weird you just posted on how you did with your monthly goals because just yesterday my husband and I we're talking about reading Total Money Makeover again which made me think of you and say a quick prayer for you and your family! I imagine it's difficult to accomplish things on the road with every day being different. Does your family stay in the bus for the entire time you're on the road or do you stay at friends houses along the way? What's the greatest thing + most tiring thing if always being on the road?

    1. Aw, thankyou so much!
      We always sleep in our bus, but often park at friends' homes and eat meals with them inside.
      The greatest thing about being on the road is all the people we get to meet + learn from.
      And probably the most tiring thing is also all the people we meet, haha. =) No, not really. Its a balance though. We LOVE meeting all the incredible people that we get to meet on the road. But we are country people at heart, and after a while all the crowds of people + city life can get a little rough!
      The best thing overall is just seeing how God works as we He can use our imperfections in a little way to bless others, and how He is so faithful in supplying our needs by sending encouragement to us just when we need it.

  6. When is your new CD coming out? How many CDs does your family have out?

    1. We are hoping it will be out by June!! (lots to do before then though!)
      We have recorded six cds, but are only still selling five of them.

  7. Agh love v those post excited stuff is going to be happening here in Bloger land hehe yay wait an my gaol is try an get to read the book I got from yall back in July is "will our generation speak" by grace mally (but it might most likely won't happen thou but hopefully thou will see thou an hopefully it does happen thou anyways ur blogs brightens my day an make me happier now matter what they are anyways love Ashley Evans hugs lov u an God bless u chels :)

    1. Yes, that is an amazing book-you should definitely read it!!

  8. I hear ya. exactly how I feel posting goals/looking back at them..but amen on shooting for the stars and missing than not hitting anything at all. you did a fabulous job, here's to February!! and I need to figure out and then blog my goals, haha. :)

  9. These are great! I would love to actually journal everyday… Maybe I will start it today:) Maybe even write a little story every other day… hmmm…. :)


    1. yes, you is SUCH a great habit to start.

  10. Great goals, Chels! WTG on the ones you accomplished for January. I'm sure you'll do great on your February goals. :)
    Love you!

  11. Keep persevering Chelsy! I've been working on reading Color Me Beautiful, too!;D I am still working on achieving some memorizing goals.
    Praying for you and your family!
    ~ Morgan Roth

    1. It is a great book!
      Thank-you so much for the card you sent our family; that was so sweet of you. We're thankful for your prayers!

    2. You are welcome, Chelsy.:)
      And yes, it is a great book!:)


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