Friday, February 6, 2015

February Schedule

1...First Baptist Church, Blountstown, FL, 11am
1...Kushla Bethany Baptist Church, Eight Mile, AL, 6pm
2-5...Recording Studio, Brentwood, TN
6...Calvary Baptist Church, Statham, GA, 7pm
7...Saluda Presbyterian Church, Saluda, SC, 6pm
8...White Rock Baptist Church, White Rock, SC, 11am
8-12...Gospel Express Prison Crusade, statewide SC
13...Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, Sarasota, FL, 7pm
14...Pinecraft Park, Sarasota, FL, 6pm
15...Bayshore Mennonite Church, Sarasota, FL, 6pm
17...First Presbyterian Church, Sebring, FL, 6pm
18...First Christian Church, Cape Coral, FL, 6:30pm
20...First Baptist of Southwest Broward, Cooper City, FL, 7pm
21...Victory Christian Fellowship, East Palatka, FL, 7pm
22...Arlington Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL, 6pm
24...Temple Baptist Church Prime Timers, Titusville, FL, 10:30am
25...New Fellowship Baptist Church, Titusville, FL, 7pm
26...Community Church, San Antonio, FL, 7pm
27...Roberts Barn, Polk City, FL, 6pm
28...New Beginnings Family Church, Spring Hill, FL, 6pm

February is our Florida tour month! We have more concerts than ever in the sunshine state, and are excited about all the new places we will be singing. I hope to meet many of you Florida readers this coming month! Feel free to comment with any questions you might have about attending one of our concerts.



  1. Are you planning on coming to Minnesota anytime soon?

    1. Yes, we will be coming to northern Minnesota in June, and southern Minnesota in September. What part do you live in?

    2. I live in the metro area. Close to St. Paul. I really hopes it works to come see your concert as well as you, yourself!

  2. I hope to meet you in Jacksonville, FL!! Welcome to the sunshine state.

    1. Hope to meet you, too! Be sure to introduce yourself!!

  3. We love what you guys are doing spreading the gospel through music. God bless ya'll! Is Harrisonburg, VA (or anywhere close by) on your scedule this year? The Wenger cousins

    1. No, we aren't coming that way this year. Hopefully next year though!


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