Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Theme for 2015

Here it is, the big reveal. Only? I don't have a theme word after all.

I just couldn't decide. There were SO many areas of needed growth and with that so many different words I thought of choosing.
I felt I needed a strengthening in truth, in just knowing exactly where I stood on every single conviction. Truth would be an excellent word.
And then I felt like God was also showing me that relationships needed to be more of a top priority. So maybe my word should be cherish, or treasure?
But I also felt like I was constantly too busy last year, constantly going going going, and not taking enough time to truly just be quiet + before the Lord. So maybe my word should be quiet, or still, or rest?

In looking at all of this, I realized that at the heart of it all was a desire for 2015 to be an intentional year. A year of making things happen, and living on purpose. A year of cherishing every single moment + living each day to its fullest. A year of growing in grace + truth. A year of making every single moment beautiful, whether it is in a particular relationship, or a work project, or a mundane chore, or a good book, or a tough + dirty job, or WHATEVER it may be that I am doing.
Those little things in life deserve my best! And everything that I do should be done with JOY in my heart, to the honor + glory of Jesus Christ.

In particular for 2015, I want to look back on the year at the end of it and be able to say that I took joy in all of those little things that came along. No matter how small, or trivial, or insignificant they seem...I want to do each of them 100%, with a spirit of joy!

So instead of a theme word, I have a theme phrase. It is, simply,


This is my goal, my theme, my HEART, for this coming year.

What about you-do you have a theme word or phrase for the coming year?


  1. This is a fantastic theme! One I could benefit from. :) Hugs.

  2. I love your theme Chels! Blessings!

  3. amen, what an awesome phrase for the year!!

  4. LOVE it!! Great blog!!!

  5. What a wonderful theme, Chelsy! How funny...I actually have a phrase instead of a word this year as well. More of You. I wrote about it here:

    Joy to you!


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