Thursday, April 23, 2015

Casual to Dressy in Denim + Black

This post is a little on a the basic side little sister thought it was a cool idea so I thought I'd give this tip a shot and see what y'all thought of it. =)

You can go from casual to dressy without changing your outfit.
Did you know that? Its a lifesaving idea! Makes your wardrobe so much more versatile. You can wear the same items in all sorts of different situations and they will "work" simply based on how you put them together.

How to do this? Its all about accessories, girls. ALL about accessories. 
You've gotta gotta gotta have them, to make an outfit pop. Don't limit yourself!

Now, I know some of you are thinking, "But I don't wear jewelry! How can I accessorize?" 
Oh, you can. Jewelry is super fun and I love it, but your accessorizing is not limited to it. I have a dear friend who never wears jewelry and yet she is one of the classiest dressers I know. Why? Because she maximizes on other kinds of accessories. 
Belts, scarves, lace camisoles, detailed headbands...the list goes on. 
So here we have the first outfit, which was what I wore for a "lots of work to do, running all over the place, I can't be worrying about my clothes, I HAVE to be comfortable" Saturday. =)
You know, that kind of day when tennis shoes are a must and you need an outfit you don't have to worry about. Stress-free, frill-free, and easy.

It was plain, and simple, and definitely not the classiest outfit I've ever worn. (hehe)
But it worked for my day. And even though it wasn't fancy, I was able to make it look nice by keeping the colors matching.
 (for example, matching the cami, shirt, and leggings, + headband instead of having all three items be different colors)
By adding the headband and a little curl to my hair, I was able to dress up the hairstyle a bit, instead of the traditional "pulled-back-tight" ponytail.
And here is how you turn the outfit to something you could wear out to lunch with friends..without even technically changing clothes.

I swapped out the long leggings for shorter lace ones. The lace on the end definitely added a dressier touch. Then I switched the tennis shoes out for my staple black sandals. The sandals were classy plus the pop of color on my toenails added a little spice.
I left my hair the exact same way it was, but added a skinny black belt + black/silver necklace to the outfit to complete the dressier look.

See how outfit #2 has a totally different feel to it that #1? Both work great in the proper settings. Both are simple + easy.

Happy outfit-planning, ladies!
 I'd love to hear what you do to turn outfits from casual to dressy!


  1. I agree:: accessories are so handy-dandy for transforming an outfit into something different! I especially love belts to add a pop of fun + texture to an outfit.
    Fun post!

  2. I love it! Great tips and ideas, and you look fab in both outfits!

    Also, quick question: where do you typically find your leggings? I've been searching all over for pairs like the second ones you show here!

    Love yooooouuuuu!

    1. I find leggings all over the place. =) With this outfit, the long pair was from Wet Seal and the shorter pair (with lace) was from JCPenny. I've also been able to pick up quite a few pairs at thrift/consignment stores.

  3. SO creative! Thanks Chelsy! I enjoy adding scarves and necklaces, too.=)
    ~ Morgan R.

  4. LOVE it, Chels! Your dramatic/classy style is so beautiful, and most beautiful of all is your heart that passionately loves Jesus and others. You are my hero!
    Alli (sista)

    1. Yes, Chels, I love this outfit! And Alli, I totally agree with you-a heart that passionately loves Jesus is most beautiful!

      I did have a quick question about style and color matching...what do you do with patterned clothing? I have many skirts that are "rainbow" patterned that I wear with solid shirts. Do you try to avoid those, or is that just a different style? The same thing with patterned shirts/solid skirts like black or denim:)

      After your first "fashion" post I decided to try my hand at really color, I chose pink, black, and silver. I did a slightly below knee length black skirt, a dark/bright pink shirt with a black cami, black braided belt, silver flats, and sparkly silver hair pins from Lilla Rose:)

    2. As a rule, I try to keep my skirts solid, and keep the pattern in my shirts. The main reason I do this is because I heard somewhere that it is visually more slimming to keep your skirts/pants solid, (and keep the print on the top) and I have found that I think its true. I do have several fun printed skirts though. Part of the reason though that I keep my skirts solid is just because its more my style. I wear mostly pencil skirts, and those are nearly always in solid colors.
      I LOVE the outfit you described! Sounds very classy + put together! And great color combo there as well with pink, black, + silver. You should send me a pictures-I want to see. =)

  5. So cute!! Where do you find short denim skirts? I have been looking for some for a while but without much success.

    1. I find most of my short denim skirts at consignment or thrift stores. But if I didn't have that as an option, I would shop for them at places like H&M, JCPenny, Cato, + Landsend. I'm sure there are others but I know for sure that those stores carry good options.
      Does anyone else have good ideas that they would like to add here, to answer this question?
      Happy shopping!

    2. I have found some on Macy's online, and at Jones New York. Also, eBay is a good place to look, especially if you know your measurements. :)

    3. Thanks for the help! I found some good options!

  6. LOVE it! =)

  7. Ahhh, this is a super neat idea! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  8. Adore this post + idea, Chelsy! So creative and classy. Question: about how often do you wear the longer ankle leggings? I have a few pairs of below-the-knee leggings that I've worn quite a lot and several friends have mentioned that the ankle leggings are super practical, too. Just curious how often you wear them/what shoes you pair them with/etc. Thanks!

    1. Elizabeth, I wear ankle leggings often too! Usually in the fall/winter when I want to wear a shorter skirt and it is cold out. Or even when I'm wearing a longer skirt and it is super cold, like last winter=), I sometimes, wear boots with the long leggings, because with the right length of skirt, and if your boots are tall enough, the boots will hide the leggings:) Tennis shoes work well too for a casual look...if you wear no-show socks I think it looks better with the ankle leggings:) Hope this helps:)

    2. I agree with Rachael. =)
      I LIVED in long leggings/skinny jeans with my boots this past winter. They make an outfit so much warmer. I also wear them occasionally (like in the above photo) with tennis shoes/ankle socks, although that definitely makes the look way more casual and most of the time I try to go for something dressier, so I avoid that.
      I have done long leggings with a dress + flats for a dressy outfit. So far I haven't put together a combo on that particular kind of an outfit that I was in love with, but I think its just cause I haven't tried it with the right dress yet.

    3. Yes...after one day last winter of forgetting to wear long leggings under my long denim chore skirt in -20ish weather...I am never doing that in winter again=) NOT a pleasant experience, I must say=)
      {Just for the record, though, we have no problem wearing jeans while doing chores...I just prefer not to:) I find that a thick denim skirt(with the long leggings...:) is actually warmer in the winter!}

      You wear skinny jeans under skirts and dresses? I've never heard of that being done before! I'm sure it's a fun look though! What types of skirts/dresses would you wear with that?

      And yes, the "long leggings hidden inside your dress boots" trick is a lifesaver on cold days when you have to go out=)

    4. Yes, I do skinny jeans with dresses. I actually think they look best with tunics (that are shorter, like half way between the waist + the knee) but I have found a couple of my dresses that they look good with. It definitely has to be the "right" dress though, because it can look really frumpy if its not done right. I never do it with skirts (adds too much bulk to the waist) just with dresses. I've found that it seems to work best with knit dresses that are no longer than knee length. And then I either wear flats or boots. Have a few new looks I'm wanting to try for summer with capri length skinnies..will see how that goes. =)

    5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ladies! I was given a couple pairs of skinny jean hand-me-downs and have been enjoying pairing them with tunic dresses, too. :) Thanks again for the tips + ideas!

  9. Loving these posts - thank you for sharing such great ideas. You dress beautifully! Thank you for shining for Jesus and sharing that with others. blessings!


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