Monday, April 20, 2015

Feminine Fashion||Cream +Teal

Good morning everyone!
Thought I'd kick off this series with a little fashion post, just for fun....
Outfit details:
*Sandals...consignment/Platos Closet
*Belt...thrifted/somewhere =)
* from a friend
*Headband...Bealls Outlet
*Cream by a cousin
Also today I wanted to share a few tips on how I put outfits together, particularly this one.

*Staying with one "pop" color, and one or two neutral/accent colors, will give your outfit a much more put-together look. 
Stay away from putting together a blue skirt, a pink shirt, a purple necklace, and cream shoes. Outfits with too many different things going will be distracting + look chaotic. You want to make a statement with your clothing, but not the kind of statement that makes people think, "is she color blind?" =)
*Don't over-accessorize, but don't under-accessorize either! 
I will be talking about this more next week, but basically what this means is that you can literally make or break an outfit by the amount of accessories you choose.
For example, if I would've chosen a chunky belt, and a chunky necklace, and a chunky headband, and several rings and bracelets...I would have ruined this outfit. It would have been too much.
The look I was going for was boho, simple, feminine. So I kept my accessories as natural/earthy, and simple as possible.
On the other hand, if I would've completely skipped the jewelry + headband...the outfit would have been boring. =)
Don't worry if all of this is new to you. I'm still learning, too, and hopefully we can all learn together!
Getting dressed properly is definitely a balance + a skill, one that I find (for myself) continues to get perfected with lots of practice, and learning from others.

Hope y'all have a beautiful Monday! 


  1. Thanks SO much for these tips! Can't wait to go shopping and get some outfits together for myself. :) ~Kara Beth

  2. I forgot to mention- that white building in the background is beautiful; is it located on ya'lls farm?

  3. Super pretty! :)

  4. I LOVE the color teal! ;) Beautiful outfit and I look forward to more posts!

  5. Beautiful, Chelsy! #favoritecolorrightthere :) So classy and I love the boho accessories, too. And girl, you definitely win the longest eyelashes award. :) Thanks for the inspiring ideas/pictures!

  6. Gorgeous outfit and very well put together!!! LOVE the colors! Thank you very much for the style tips, too!=)
    ~ Morgan R.

  7. This is adorable! thanks for the tips!!

  8. love this, so stunning!! and your eyelashes -- get outta town..unreal. :)
    miss you.

  9. Lov the outfit it is so cute but so simple the shoes an that cute lil headband really pops it out hugs lov u an God bless u :)

  10. That dress is beautiful on you, Chels!
    For me personally, I would prefer my neckline a little higher. With a dress like this, would wearing another layer with a higher neckline underneath the dress "ruin" the outfit?
    And by the way, I really enjoy your blog! :)

    1. No, I think that would be just fine to add a cami underneath if you wanted a higher neckline! But it should definitely be a cream colored one, matching, to continue with the "theme" and to tie everything together.
      Good question!

  11. Ooh, Chels, this outfit is AMAZING! #lovetheheadbandflower And I love the look of that teal on you! Thank you for the tips on putting pretty and feminine outfits together without making one look like a walking rainbow...I'm still figuring that one out=) Blessings<3

  12. Thanks Chels. This was great I am always looking for new tips and tricks for what to put together! Love the outfit super cute!!!

  13. I love this outfit - it is in one of my favourite colours and the belt gives a classy finishing touch

  14. Goooorgeous!!! <3 Love this ensemble, friend!

  15. Hey Chels, you are totally gorgeous in that dress. I love teal and cream togather. -Katrina-

  16. Teal is gorgeous on you! The dress is SO cute! I am still watching for a post on finding 'my' colors. (what looks best with certain skin tones) ...or however that works! I am very interested to know! My twin said purple is my color...and I had never heard that before! SO it was interesting.(: Lizzie

  17. this. Soo beautiful!!

  18. That dress was such a great find! You look fabulous! :)


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