Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just Be You

(photo credit HannahElisePhotography}

Today was one of those days when I was asking myself, "Hmm, and why again do I even try to blog? Ever?" 
I had a lot on my agenda, and blogging would've typically been the last thing on my brain on a day like this...except that because of this ten day tandem deal it has been one of the main things on my brain. I'm constantly thinking, "Can't forget to blog, can't forget to blog....." (smile)

Today was not a super-hero, model-status feeling type of day. At all. I had a ridiculous skin outbreak on my face. (confession: I know it was due to that bag of very very special Ritz sour cream + onion chips I treated myself to last week. Totally my fault. This happens every time I eat those.) 
So I decided to forgo makeup today and just wear this amazing coconut oil lotion my sis makes that is a natural healer. Only problem was then I felt greasy and less than beautiful and was frustrated with myself for relying so much on my outward appearance to make me feel good anyway. I also was working outdoors for several hours-weeding, edging, and cleaning my herb garden, and digging out and re-laying all the bricks that had gotten buried under the dirt over the winter. It was a big project and I overdid the hoeing..and then was mad at myself because I knew that means I will be paying for it later with some very sore arms. (this happens whenever I overstress my arms, due to an upper arm injury I had about six years ago)

So I'm sitting here now, greatly desiring above all else, a hot shower and my bed. (being honest!)
And thinking about how really, at the end of the day, its about the moments in our day that are US. Not those moments where I make myself into something I'm not. Not those perfect moments when all goes according to plan. Not those moments that are really the rare and unrealistic anyway.

But the real test, the real deal, is when I can just learn to be me. And learn to be happy in that. 
And I'm not talking about the whole "be yourself! only care about what you think and feel!" mainstream mentality. 
No, I'm talking about keeping it real, and being honest, and being okay when your day isn't all glam + glory. Calling it a happy and beautiful day even if you did spend it covered in grease and dirt. (the dirt part is actually pretty great!)

Did you know there is beauty in the real? Because it isn't about "picture perfect".
It is about joy in where God had YOU today. Whenever that was, whatever it could have the makings of wonderful if it was His plan for YOU.
And because the wisdom of Dr. Suess is so timeless, (smile) I share this quote that I love, above.
(Isn't that great?!)

Only YOU have the ability to bless + reach the people that YOU know. 
Only YOU can make the difference where Jesus has placed YOU. 
Only YOU can be YOU.
Be happy in that! Its a pretty awesome thought to think that God has given 
JUST YOU that unique opportunity!

Just be YOU.


  1. Dear Chelsea,
    I can not tell you how encouraging your blog has been and how much of an impact it has been in my life and so many others. God has used your blog to change my life.
    At the end of the day when you fill worn out and discouraged, just remember you have done God's will in serving Him, and that you have changed AT LEAST ONE persons life. That is ME. Thank you so much! May God richly bless you.
    (The girl you met in Big Sandy at CI.)

    1. Bless your heart. Thanks for the encouragement!!
      And it was a pleasure to meet you!
      Continue pressing on!

  2. Thank you soon much forth is post Chels!! It means so much. All too many times I find myself wrapped up in thing which don't even matter. I can always use the reminder to "lay aside every weight." Thanks again!!

  3. Great reminder, Chelsy! Thank you. Maybe sometime you can do a post on Allison's coconut oil lotion (hopeful smile)? :) I would love to hear more about it.

    1. Yes, I would also like Alli's recipe....please! =) ~Kara Beth

  4. Amen! Thank you for this post, Chelsy!
    ~Sarah F.

  5. Thank you for this reminder Chelsy! Especially your statement at the end- very encouraging + convicting!
    Morgan R.

  6. The outward appearance Is often all people see. Its easy to get caught up in keeping our outward selves pleasing to God. When in fact, it's who we are on the inside that matters most. Sometimes the inner person is ugly, hateful and offensive not only to God but others. However, so lessons are never learned.

  7. Chels, I just saw this post while on Pinterest, and ... well, yeah, I haven't exactly had a Pinteresty day. ;) This was good to read. Good to remember. Thanks, friend. :)


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