Friday, May 22, 2015


LISTENING to this beautiful cd. I love it, I love it, I love it. Can this be an advertisement, please? Seriously just go buy your own. My current favorite instrumental cd.

THINKING that I have been a horrible blogger lately. As in, nonexistent. (sorry, peoples! its life)

WISHING for a tan. but it seems to be successfully avoiding me. the other day I even scheduled a time to mow yard for my brother so I could get some sun whilst working + still being productive + helping him out. so much good rolled into one.
would you believe it, the mower died on me. DIED.
guess the tan was not meant to be yet. (sigh. #keepingitreal)

WATCHING our house slowly being transformed into a more clean + organized haven. we have been on a deep cleaning streak here-organizing + sorting + scrubbing + such.

DYING laughing over the marriage proposal my sister got in her email inbox.
in.her.inbox. don't even ask.
but seriously. some GUYS....

DRINKING water. and coffee. in constant rotation. =)

SMELLING farm smells. best ever.

LEARNING so much from the sermons at my church. seriously I just cannot thank God enough for giving me constant access to hearing so much truth expounded from the Word. it is such a blessing in my life.

TASTING pineapple meatballs from dinner. so yummy.

MISSING my sista love who is in the south visiting a friend.

READING Colossians. and still memorizing Philippians. love the abounding of truth. Its taking me a while but the memory is coming! slowly but surely....

DREAMING of the day when our new album will finally be finished + released and I will be able to sit back in my chair and eat chocolate bon bons and snooze (ahem) because there will be NO MORE deadlines for, um, a short while at least.

WORKING overtime so I can take off next week for my trip to Colorado! can't believe the insane amount of stuff that got accomplished this week. yay for finishing up projects + home improvement + garden work + stuff like that.
colorado, you are calling my name. #cannotwait

Happy Weekend!


  1. love this!!!! and I miss you too. I will try to be back in time for the "sitting snoozing and eating chocolate bon bond".

  2. Lov it ahhh I can't wait for that day when ur guys new album is finally done an finished an I can enjoy it during fair time ect ect wait how do guys have personal emails because if u do I email from it an it will much easier for me because I sent u like six emails that have questions so u could plz check ur email reply to them I would really appreciate that hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys :)

    1. The best way to contact us is at

    2. Hehe fingered thanks hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys ;)

    3. What were doing up so LATE all of ur comments say 12 am hehe finged thanks chels an have fun in Colorado hehe We have wedding this Saturday to go to an a 4-H show but we are not showing in it but our beasties Rosie an her lil sista Sarah are an then moms gonna pick them for after party if the show doesn't end in time because it stats at 4 an the after party is at 5 an last until 9 so yea thou hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys

  3. Hey Chels, The tank top in the picture looks like the white one that I got from Alli, is it?? I really like it! -Sarah

    1. No, its different. I got it @ Cato four or five years ago. =)

  4. Too fun Chels! Love how you enjoy daily life. I'm dying with you-a proposal coming in your sister's inbox! Well I see your life truly is never dull!=) Blessings and hope to see you again in the near future.

  5. Such a fun post! I feel for your tanning woes, but I console myself with the fact that I now live in Canada, and unless one works out in the sun constantly, I'll just be white. :-P
    Have a lovely time in Colorado!
    Love you!

  6. I enjoyed this "currently" post! It gave me some smiles! =)
    ~ Morgan R.

  7. Are you by chance going to the Set Apart Girl Conference in CO? :)

    1. No I'm not.
      I'm out here (Colorado) for a wedding!

  8. I wonder what the "proposer" would have thought had your sister responded to his proposal affirmatively via email: "Sure, are you free next weekend?" So many people go overboard with proposals--asking while skydiving, with a flash mob, etc...but via email...that would be something to remember in the happily ever after.

    I was chatting online with a random person I'd never met the other day and he asked me,
    "Would you ever marry an athiest?"

    "Is that a proposal?"

    "Sure, if you want it to be."

    It was all in good fun, but at that point I chickened out...which I almost regret--next time I might not blink so fast. Don't ask me how I get such cruel thoughts (or how I stay out of trouble).

    Fun post, Chels! (And I'll be hoping you get to enjoy the chocolate and bonbons soon!) Blessings to you!


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