Friday, May 1, 2015

Life Lately

Hello friends! Well, its the end of the Ten Day Tandem and I decided to leave y'all with a "Life Lately" post. For the other posts mentioned in the comments at the beginning of this series...I am still hoping to get to them. I really did make a dent in my drafts folder these past two weeks! There will be more to come eventually.
Its been a pleasure doing this with Hannah once again, + having all of you follow along our little journey. Thanks for your comments + encouragement!
So for the "Life Lately"....
*Car washing with the little bro today. Special times. 
*Lunch + shopping in town with the little sisters while mom was gone to Florida with her sisters. A sweet older gentleman whom we met on our winter tour gave us girls some money to "use for something special that girls like", he said. (so sweet!) We decided to use it to redo our room, so we picked out paint + fabrics, and now the bedroom makeover is the next project on the list!
*Herb Garden project (as mentioned here)
*AFTER! So happy with this! And excited about all those little seeds that are gonna be popping up before too long...

*Attending a family conference with my family in which I got to meet up with many dear old friends, and enjoy some good sessions + discussion time.

*Getting to hear the Benham Brothers live at the above mentioned conference. They are my current favorites---amazing speakers! Stay tuned for a giveaway here of their new book (best book EVER!) coming up soon!

*Being so blessed by the sermons at my church.

*Volunteering at my church's annual youth conference as photographer + music competition arranger/director. Made for a busy weekend but a wonderful time working hard together with others for the cause of Christ!

*Loving that our fridge is getting all covered up with wedding + grad invitations! Favorite time of year!

*The new family album is coming along! Been spending a lot of time working on this project and getting everything together. Also have to coordinate and line up all the projects that come when we get new family pictures-new displays, new promotional flyers, new prayer cards, new business cards, new everything! 

*Working on Labor Day + Family Camp excited for how things are shaping up for these events as well! And along those lines, camp registration is basically full, but the single guy's cabin and also the single girl's cabin still have a few available spaces, so if you are interested in attending, please feel free to email and I will send you a brochure.

*Spending a day driving some missionary friends to the Chicago airport, to return to Africa after their furlough. Great conversations with them on the way to the airport, and then great conversations with my cousin + Jesus on the way home. #ilovesolitude
*And last but not least, I've been just lovin' all the time I've been spending with this precious child + her siblings. Fuzzy picture, I know, but its worth it. =) Love her.
I will still be posting after this (maybe, haha!) so please come back next week!
Have a blessed weekend, y'all!


  1. I love these posts :) so fun y'all are re-doing your bedroom..can't wait to see! and AMEN to cute babies..THE best.

    we did it!! #yayus Now lets officially get together and hangout for coffee ;)

    1. Yes, yay us! Praying for rain Monday night! Okay, not really...well, maybe kind of.=)

  2. It's nice to get a little glimpse into your life, as with 'Road Life Comedy' post too! I've really enjoyed all your posts - I like how you blend deep truths with daily life and learning.
    And yes, please do the Ten Day Tandem again! :)
    God bless.

  3. I love your "Life Lately" posts, and especially this Ten Day Tandem! Thank you so much for your perseverance in doing this! And you and your sisters look lovely in the picture of your sisters day! How sweet of that gentleman to have given you money like that!
    Do you know if your family is going to be coming to Pennsylvania this year?=)
    In Christ,
    Morgan R.

    1. No, we aren't coming to PA this year-sorry!

  4. Yay for Life Lately posts. :) Looking forward to hearing your new CD, that sisters picture is super sweet (echoing Hannah - yes, I'd love to see pictures of the finished room once it's done!), the herb garden looks fabulous, and love the picture of you & Hudson. (man, he is getting so TALL!) Thanks again to you and Hannah for doing this 10 Day Tandem - I was so blessed by each post! And hope you do it again sometime. *hint, hint* :)

  5. Yay for the Benham brothers! I heard them speak at a conference in March and just finished "Whatever the Cost", too. :) AH-MAZING! I've bought so many additional copies to give to friends as graduation/birthday gifts.

    Loved your Ten Day Tandem, Chelsy!

    1. Ha-we bought them for this year's grad gifts too! =) Best book ever!

  6. Your herb garden looks lovely! Herbs are so wonderful! I had to smile at the "great conversations with cousin" part. So happy we got to chat for a while!
    I am looking forward to seeing the bedroom makeover pictures!
    Love you, dear!

    1. Yes, me too! it was lovely...nothing like a chat with you to brighten my day!! =)


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