Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Tour Schedule!

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It is hard to believe, but the spring on the farm has flown by (see the last month recap that I posted here!) and it is once again time to depart for the north and seven weeks of ministry there! 
My excitement has been a little late in coming (#homebodystatus), but finally last night I felt a little anticipation hit and it has been growing ever since. =) 

I would love to meet some of you readers, so here's a little shoutout to all living in Canada, Minnesota, Michigan, & New York! Check out the schedule below and see if there is a concert near you!

14 - Guthrie Community Bible Church, Laporte, MN, 10am
14 - Community Center, Spring Lake, MN, 6pm
15 - Rainy River Covenant Church (Gideon’s Banquet), Rainy River, Ontario, 7pm
16 - Knox Presbyterian Church, Neepawa, Manitoba, 7pm
17 - Christian Fellowship Church, Lanigan, Saskatchewan, 7pm
18 - Centenial Hall, Two Hills, Alberta, 7:30pm
20 - North County Gospel Fest, LaCrete, Alberta, 1:30pm & 7:30pm
21 - North County Gospel Fest, LaCrete, Alberta, 10:30am & 3:15pm
23 - Menno Simons School, Cleardale, Alberta, 7:30pm
24 - Theisen Brothers Ranch, Fort St. John, British Columbia, 6:30pm
26 - Rolla Bible Baptist Church, Rolla, British Columbia, 7pm
27 - Clairmont Community Church, Clairmont, Alberta, 7pm
28 - Weberville Hall, Peace River, Alberta, 10:30am
28 - The Gathering Place, Slave Lake, Alberta, 7pm
1...Cardiff Golf/Country Club (with Cornerstone Baptist Church) Cardiff, Alberta, 1pm
2...Faith Covenant Church, Breton, Alberta, 7pm
3 - Community Hall, Vauxhall, Alberta, 7pm
4 - Picturebutte Mennonite Assembly, Picturebutte, Alberta, 7pm
5 - Evangelical Mennonite Church, Tabor, Alberta, 10am
5...Coaldale Mennonite Church, Coaldale, Alberta, 7pm
7 - Medicine Hat Trade Society, Redcliffe, Alberta, 7:30pm
8 - Austin Community Hall, Austin, Manitoba, 7:30pm
9 - Evangelical Mennonite Church, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, 7pm
10 - Arborg Town Hall, Arborg, Manitoba, 7pm
11 - Elam Baptist Church, Beausejour, Manitoba, 7pm
12...Christian Mennonite Church, Steinbach, Manitoba, 10:45am
12 - Bothwell Christian Fellowship, New Bothwell, Manitoba, 7pm
14 - Windy Bay Hutterite Colony, Pilot Mound, Manitoba, 7pm
15 - Active Living Centre, Carman, Manitoba 7:30pm
16 - Kenora Harbor Front, Kenora, Ontario, 7pm
17 - Townsend Theatre, Fort Francis, Ontario, 7pm
19 - Northwoods Bible Church, Ray, Minnesota, 10am
19...Balsam Bible Chapel, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, 6pm
20 - Chassel Township Pavilion, Chassel, MI, 7pm
22 - Bethel Family Missionary Church, Reed City, MI, 7pm
23 - Pigeon Band Shell, Pigeon, MI, 7pm
24 - EMUI Auditorium, Leamington, Ontario, 7pm
25 - Mapleview Mennonite Church, Wellesley, Ontario, 7pm
26 - Beacon Bible Chapel, Tillsonburg, Ontario, 10:30am
26 - Carrick Camp, Mildmay, Ontario, 7pm
29...Springfield Hall, Springfield, Ontario, 7pm
30 - LeTourneau Christian Center Tabernacle, Rushville, NY, 6:30pm

And if you think of it, I would greatly appreciate prayer as we head out for these seven weeks. We have a very intense schedule and a lot of ministry opportunities in addition to our concerts. 
It is the cry of my heart to encourage people and see lives touched + changed by the power of the Gospel!

Have a blessed weekend, y'all!


  1. We'll be in prayer for you and your fam Chels! I can't imagine the spiritual warfare you face doing what you do. We're hoping to see you when you come to Reed City MI but we'll let you know closer to the actual date. :D -Kayla

    1. That would be awesome!! And thanks so much for the prayers!

  2. Out of curiosity, Chelsy, were any of your brothers at the Niche conference? My parents thought maybe they saw one. ;)

  3. Oh I wish so much your Minnesota stops were just a little further south! Praying for safe travels as you bless many over the next few months!

    1. Maybe next time! One of these times I really really want to meet you! =)

    2. I completely agree! Let me know if you are ever in or near the Twin Cities, and I'll keep watching your travel schedule :)

  4. I would love for you guys to come to my neck of the woods in southern california at some point if that was at all possible.

    1. That would be wonderful to meet you there. We've only been to Cali once and it was years ago. Maybe someday in the future!

  5. Praying for you and your family, Chelsy, for God's protection and safety for all your travels. Love reading your blog and your family blog as well. I look forward to your posts. You all look like you have so much fun!!

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers!
      It is a lot of work...but we do have a lot of fun. =)

  6. Love your music, I wanna try to make sure to be there, in Fort St John hope to see you God Bless

  7. Was looking forward to meet your family on the 24th in Fort St John, but to bad couldn't make it!
    Do you know lots of people in Fort St John? and do you come here only once a year ?

  8. you look stunnining in all of your pictures!! cant wait to see you guys at family camp in 1 1/2 weeks!! we are counting down!

  9. Hey chels!!
    Iwish i could have come to one ofyour concerts this summer!!! :( what instruments do y'all play?


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