Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sweetest Home + Upcoming Blogging

This is the view from my front window Monday morning. 

When I see that silo it just says HOME to me. And the golden top of that gorgeous field of corn? #IOWABEAUTY

So yes, I'm back to the land of cornfields + hog barns. 
I'm back to my own bed + a dinner table that holds still.
 I'm back to the wonders of a cookstove/oven + a regular sized wardrobe. 
I'm back to the real Chels who never wears shoes (well barely) + would be happy if we all could just live outside + forgo houses period. =)

As far as the blogging goes, I've been thinking + reevaluating this blog lately. Trying to figure out:
1) if I'm ready to move to the next stage
2) what the next stage is
3) if I have time for it
4) if its worth the time
5) how to find the time
6) how to schedule the time
7) all those questions we bloggers ask ourselves 

I feel like blogging is a platform that the Lord has given me, and that I need to continue, but I have no need to be posting content just for the mere purpose of hitting "publish" and getting comments. I've always desired to make a difference with my blog, but lately I've just been realizing more and more that life is short, and I don't want to be doing/writing anything unless it is making a big impact. I want the Holy Spirit to be active + present in every single post. And that comes through prayer, and seeking the face of Jesus, and writing what He places on my heart, in HIS perfect timing.

All that said, I'm working on establishing a blogging schedule of sorts. I've always fought against this idea, mentally, because I like to be spontaneous and post things as they come to my mind and heart.

But I am realizing that there is a place for planning posts. For choosing topics that the Lord has laid upon my heart, and then taking time to pray over them and think through them for a significant time before actually doing the official writing and publishing. So to do this I am scheduling in time each week to write + create, and then throughout the rest of the week to be in prayer about the upcoming posts + also to take notes (in a notebook-old fashioned is best!) 
as I think of ideas or other things I might forget. 

I would appreciate y'alls prayers in this new venture. I'm excited to share with you what the Lord continues to give me for this blog!

In complete randomness to end out, I must say that I'm so excited for my evening tonight, because its been eight weeks since I've been at my church + I just can't wait to be back there again! =)

Have a beautiful evening!


  1. Hey Chelsy! I will be praying for you and your family<3 I enjoyed having ya'll here at our picnic in Edmonton AB, Canada. I'm excited to see more of your upcoming posts! God bless<3


  2. Welcome home, beautiful! <3 I'm looking forward to your next step, and especially reading what God lays on your heart. Those are always my favourite posts, because, well, your heart is beautiful! :) Love you!

  3. Chels...So glad that y'all are home now! That photo is gorgeous! I am a big fan of sunrise photos. And when they are on a farm they're even better=) And I totally hear you about shoes...or lack thereof:)

    Yes, Spirit-filled articles are wonderful...especially because we want to have Jesus and His words flowing from our hearts, and we want that to affect how we live(and so, how we write:). So I agree with you there! Stand strong and firm in your beliefs! {although a fun "life lately" or something like that post every now and again would be fine, right?}
    Blessings! See you soon!!<3

  4. I think every blogger goes through a blogging crisis/evaluation at some point... Looking forward to see what you come up with! I think that doing a consistent series over a period of time (something I struggle with) are a good blog feature... Also, a regular schedule (such as M, W, F) keeps readers coming back. I'm really trying to work on writing posts ahead and scheduling them, but I'm a spontaneous person too, so I struggle with wanting to just POST IT RIGHT AWAY. (Then later, there are blog famines, ha!) You do a great job with your blog!

  5. I found this very helpful, as well:

  6. Welcome home, friend! Looking forward to seeing how the Lord continues to use this beautiful place for His glory + encouragement of others! :)

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  8. Yep, everyone is praying for you! :)

  9. Sounds great, Chels! Excited and looking forward to the upcoming blogging! =)

  10. Priscilla Joyfully Serving the Lord BlogAugust 25, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    Welcome home Miss Chelsy! I'm looking forward to reading your future posts.

    By the way, I found a Scripture giveaway I thought you might like to enter.

    Serve the Lord Chels. He is with you always.

    Mrs. Zechen


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