Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Crazy Sistas + Big Eyes

I am feeling like this post is complete with just the picture, and adding nothing in the way of words, except maybe this quote from Red Riding Hood: "My, what BIG EYES you have."
And the picture? That was just us being crazy the other day, as usual...

Ah, how I love the sisterhood. These girls are the awesomest of all and I love them so dearly.

Today's post is random in the extreme, but I had a few random pictures that I felt like randomly posting. So. =) Welcome to a random installment of sisterhood pictures from the past few months!
If you have sistas, and you love them...then go tell them so! =)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Aww, so sweet!! Thanks for all of the pictures! :) You're so right...sisters are a blessing!! (Btw, the pic of y'all at "Stuff" brings back memories...I LOVE that place!! ;)
    Love ya!
    Olivia T.

  2. Hey Chelsy! I always look forward to seeing your new posts, they are a big blessing to me:) I love ya'll's pictures!
    Also I love ya'll's hair it always looks so pretty! Thanks for all you do!
    God bless❤
    -Elisabeth Rice

  3. Love them, Chels! The first+last photos are my favorite=) You girls are so sweet<3
    God bless!

    p.s Is the "Stuff etc" store the amazing consignment shop you were telling me about?:)

    1. Yes, it is!! Whenever you come visit we'll take you there, okay?! =)

    2. Fantastic=) How does April sound??! =)

  4. I love you, darling! This post is spot-on. This sisterhood amazed me with its joys and blessings and even though I way too often take it for granted, I am so grateful that us four get to do life together.

  5. Love this!!! Such sweet photos!

  6. AWWWWW! So cute! I love all of the pics! Sisters are a blessing! I am SSSSOOOOO thankfull for mine! thanks for posting!

  7. I absolutely understand what you are saying about loving your sisters, I have 6 of them and I love them all ��

  8. You know that's right! Sisters are TOTALLY the best! =)

  9. You girls are so fun! A lot of these pictures remind me of some of our sisterly moments here ;-). I love following your blog and family's blog, and always look forward to more Bontrager updates!!

  10. Love this this post is so cute but since I had my appendix taken out three days ago u hurt because I can laugh or anything like that so thanks for that listening to u guys love love ur new album hurting but u guys have comforting a lot hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys

  11. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. This post made me smile! :-) Sisters are really awesome! I'm so blessed to have 4 of them, who are my best friends!
    Sarah F.

  12. Love the pictures!!!!


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