Saturday, October 31, 2015

Girl Defined E-Book Giveaway Winners!

And the giveaway winners are....
Sarah Ebersole + Hannah Schrock!!

I'm so excited because these two ladies are both dear friends of mine, and its always just awesome when friends win the giveaway, you know?!

Sarah + Hannah, all you need to do is email Girl Defined ( and tell them that you are the winner of the giveaway hosted over at Chelsy Renee's blog, and they will email you your FREE copy directly!

For all the rest of you, hop on over to the Girl Defined website and purchase your own copy for just $9.99!!

Thanks again to all of y'all for participating in the giveaway! It's been fun!


  1. Congratulations Sarah, and Hannah! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway, Chelsy! And I may just have to buy that book. :)

  2. Congrats Sarah an Hannah enjoy ur books this was a fun post an giveaway thanks Definegirl for ur giveaway can't wait for the next blog hugs lov u an God bless u :)

  3. Wow! Congrats to sara and hannah!! I might just have to buy one for myself..... just cause I want to have it !
    - a reader from KC

  4. Guys!!! the Book is AMAZING. I am on the last chapter!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Chelsy! You don't know me (or at least you didn't until now!) but I just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog! I've been following you and your family's blogs for a few years now and I've been sooo blessed. I've gotten to meet some of your younger siblings at Bible Bee Nationals, and also got to know your mom a little through singing together in the choir :) (When I was telling your dad a couple years ago how much I love your blog, he had encouraged me to leave a comment and I'm finally getting around to it...:D)
    My family went to Nationals every year, except of course last year...and then I found out you were there and that was such a bummer cus I've been wanting to meet you for so long! My younger siblings are competing again so I'll be there this year as well....just curious, are you planning to go with your family this year?
    Hannah =)

    1. Hello Hannah! Thanks so much for commenting!
      I am not coming with my family, but am planning to hopefully drive down for the second half of the week. So if everything goes according to current plans I will be there for the semis + finals.
      Hope to meet you! Be sure to introduce yourself! =)

  6. Hi! Could you do a letter to your younger self? maybe similar to this?

  7. Did your family ever go to the confrence,? We sadly, could not go we were really busy. they already had it right?.... So any ways did they like it? wish we could have gone! Have a blessed week and a great thanksgiving!

    1. Do you mean the Freedom Rally Conference in Des Moines the other weekend? No, unfortunately none of us were able to make it. =( I had a lot of friends who went though and said it was amazing!

  8. Yah the freedom rally confrence!!!And ok , I bet you guys were really busy! I was so sad we didnt get to go but maybe next year!! :)


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