Thursday, November 19, 2015

Update From the National Bible Bee!

Ah! It has been a wonderful day! Couldn't have asked for a better place to spend it than at the National Bible Bee here in San Antonio, Texas! And I'm definitely getting to spend it with the awesomest people in the world, family.
(Above picture-hanging out with the little brothers after the ceremony last night)

Since I know not all of my blog readers have instagram, I thought I'd give you my two little instagram updates here to fill you in!

Last night (11/18)
"We're happiest when we're together! It was so worth the 17 hour drive to come down here and surprise the younger siblings who are competing in the National Bible Bee this week!! Watching them walk the carpet tonight and cheering them on was just too awesome. So proud of all six of them for their hard work this summer! Proud of the five who made it to nationals and have studied hundreds of hours this fall. And proud of the three brotherhood (Josh, Taylor, and Hudson) who are advancing to the semi-finals tomorrow! Please be in prayer for them! Also...proud of the other three eldest and I for making it down here in one piece in spite of extreme exhaustion. #nationalbiblebee # sibling love #bontrageradventure #ilovetexas

Tonight (11/19)
"What a day! My throat is hoarse and my mind if tired and my heart is pretty much bursting with pride. Because Josh and Taylor are going on to the final competition round tomorrow!! Listening to them recite verse after verse after verse with such passion and conviction filled me with such joy. It was marvelous!! I have to tell you that amongst their many other great accomplishments, my brothers had, hands down, the loudest cheering section in the entire auditorium. We were so, um, lively...that at one point I received a text from our parents who were sitting somewhere else. And it read like this: "You all are creating a scene!! Please quiet down and try to be a good testimony for a large family". =) =) Oh dear. Many friends who have been watching the live stream today have texted and said they could pick out the Bontrager cheers in the crowd. Let's just say that quietness has never been our strong point. =) For those of you who may have missed the live stream today, you don't want to miss watching finals tomorrow! It is going to be unforgettable! Find the times, link and info here! Also please visit our family blog for more updates and pictures!

Please be praying for my brothers as they compete tomorrow! 
And if you think of it...I would also appreciate a little prayer that I wouldn't lose my voice until after finals tomorrow. Because I couldn't stand it if I couldn't cheer. =)


  1. Fantastic update, Chels! SOO EXCITED!!! {Yes, we could hear y'all:) And it was great! They had a pretty loud cheering team here from our house...I texted Alli after Josh got IN(!!!), and said that we were cheering so loud we couldn't hear the livestream!!!} Taylor and Joshua did really well-we all enjoyed watching them recite with such passion! Hudson did great too!! We are praying!!

  2. Congrats!!! So excited for all of ya'll!!

  3. Congratulations to Joshua + Taylor!! We watched the Senior division last was wonderful, powerful, totally awesome!!! Haha! Actually, I thought I could pick y'all out of the crowd cheering as well! ;) That's too funny! :) Will continue to keep y'all in our prayers!
    Olivia T.

  4. Oh chels they are so amazing it sends chills down my spine just hearing them siad Gods word over an over again on the via livestream u watched it later to of course it just so amazing how these kids to chose to Gods word instead of what is the real world so excited for Taylor winning tell him I said congrats an give him big hug for me an josh to an plz follow me on Instagram now that ur Instagram is working it is GODSLILCOWGIRL19982424 hugs lov u an God bless u guys

  5. this post was very interesting to me because my church (Mennonite) started something close to this Bible Bee. we call it Ohio Valley Bible Quizzing. it is a branch off of the larger Macsa Bible Qizzing. i do not think that we memorize quite as many verses as you do but i know all about the quoting and memorizing every day. keep the great work. i am looking forward to seeing more about this.

  6. Hey chels... Did any of your sibs win the finals?? Tell them they did a great job!! How are all ya'll?

  7. Thanks y'all! They all did great..
    Taylor got first place in the junior division! And Josh got 4th place in the seniors!

  8. Congratulations to both on placing. Was that Rebecca's first time?

  9. AWESOME!!! Tell them we said congrats!


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