Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Tour Schedule!

{random picture of my Liz + I, since every post needs a photo}

My dear blog readers! It is with a tour schedule announcement that I return to blogger-land civilization! Cheers! =)

I am still doing the family band with my dearest ones, and we just left on tour two weeks ago. Obviously I'm a little late here publishing our schedule; my apologies. It's life! 

But anyways, here it is, a little update of sorts. I will be back soon to more regular blogging, Lord willing, although I seem to have a faint recollection of saying that in one of my last posts. (sorry!)

In the meantime, if you'd like to see a peep into the recent life of my family + I, head on over to 
the family blog and read the last few posts which I've written in the last week!

9...Gospel Music Barn, Hudsonville, MI, 6:30pm
10...Shiloh Mennonite Church, Plain City, OH, 7pm
11...Mount Zion House of Prayer, Utica, OH, 7pm
12...Dayspring Mennonite Church, Berlin, OH, 9:30am
12...Gospel Haven Mennonite Church, Millersburg, OH, 6pm
14...The Commons Park, Mesopotamia, OH, 7pm
15...Bethany Mennonite Church, Hartville, OH, 7pm
16...New Hope Christian Fellowship, Grantsville, MD, 7pm
17...Mt View Mennonite Church, Lyndhurst, VA, 7pm
18...Marion Mennonite Church, Chambersburg, PA, 7pm
19...Strasburg Mennonite Church, Strasburg, PA, 10am
19...Lebanon Valley Bible Church, Lebanon, PA, 6:30pm
22...Lauvers Mennonite Church, Richfield, PA, 7pm
24...Franconia Mennonite Church, Franconia, PA, 7pm
25...Sam Yoders Farm, Houston, DE, 7pm
26...Honeybrook Community Church, Honeybrook, PA, 9:30am
26...Hinkletown Mennonite Church, Ephrata, PA, 7pm
29...Crystal Valley Church Gym, Dundee, NY, 7pm
1...Grace Christian Fellowship, Bainbridge, NY, 7pm
2...Sacandaga Bible Camp, Broadalbin, NY, 7pm
3...North Stonington Baptist Church, North Stonington, CT, 10am
3...First Baptist Church, Ansonia, CT, 4pm
6...New England Baptist Church, Medford, MA, 7pm
7...Calvary Baptist Church, Turner, ME, 7pm
8...River Valley Baptist Church, Woodstock, NB, 7pm 
9...Calvary Church, Sussex, NB, 7pm
10...Community Baptist Church, Charlottetown, PE, 10:00am
10...Summerside Baptist Church, Summerside, PE, 7pm
12...Memorial Baptist Church, Pugwash, NS, 6:30pm
13...Maranatha Baptist Church, New Glasgow, NS, 7pm
14...Rodd Grand Convention Center, Yarmouth, NS, 6:30pm
15...Woodville Community Center, Woodville, NS, 7:30pm
16...Sheffield Baptist Church, Halifax, NS, 7pm
17...Amazing Grace Baptist Church, Bridgetown, NS, 10:30am
17...Faith Baptist Chapel, Centre (Lunenburg County), NS, 7pm
20...Bethel Church, Oakfield, ME, 6pm
21...Grace Brethren Church, Irasburg, VT, 6pm
22...Covenant Community Church, Essex, VT, 7pm
24...Christian Church of Charleston, Sprakers, NY, 11am
24...Naumburg Mennonite Church, Naumburg, NY, 7pm
27...Gospel Light Bible Church, Port Burwell, ON, 7pm
28...Portuguese Club, Leamington, ON, 7pm
29...Mapleview Mennonite Church, Wellesly, ON, 7pm
30...Odisagah Camp, Machics, NY, 7pm
31...Glen Ridge Bible Church, Saint Catherines, ON, 6:30pm

Anyways, as said before, I understand that I am late posting this, and that most of the upcoming concerts are in states a little off the beaten trail (at least not where we normally travel) but I probably have a few blog readers in the New England states and eastern Canadian provinces and I would love to meet some of y'all, so please do come out to a concert! 

And as I always say, if you do come, then please come and introduce yourself! Because you might recognize my face from the blog, but obviously unless I have met you before I won't recognize you! So don't be shy, people! =)

Until next time, (which hopefully will be less than two months, haha!) have a beautiful week!


  1. Looking forward to seeing/meeting you in PEI!! :)

  2. Do you all ever go through Montana? Our church sometimes host musical families...I'm not sure if we have room in our scheduled his year, but if so, I can put it by them to check.

    Oh...so, you can remember...I was the Ruby Girl at Above Rubies when you all came to Tennessee :)

    1. Yes, of course I remember meeting you! =)
      We have been to Montana on a western tour once; its been quite a few years ago by now! We are working on a tentative western tour schedule again so you could check with them to see if they'd be interested in booking for 2017 and if so you could have them email us. info@bontragerfamilysingers.com

  3. The photo you and Liz is gorgeous!! She is really growing into a lovely young lady and looks less and less like a little girl all the time. :)

  4. Looking forward to meeting you in PEI also, and hearing your family sing!
    Davida van der Stoel

  5. we all loved surprising y'all at your Plain City concert!! (and hearing y'all sing and talking afterwards, of course=) You are such a blessing!

  6. I've always wanted to see the eastern part of Canada! I've heard it's a beautiful area! Praying for safety and that you have the opportunity to touch many!

  7. I saw your poster in the End of the Commons General Store, the day after your concert. I told my sister, "Hey, I know who those people are, I follow Chelsy's blog!"

  8. Hey, Chelsy, it was great meeting you at New Hope in Grantsville. On our way home going thru Harrisonburg we passed your bus on the road, that was also pretty cool. Enjoyed your concert as well. -Jennifer

    1. Great to meet you too, Jennifer! That's so funny that y'all passed our bus! =)

  9. I'd love to see a hair tutorial sometime! :-)

  10. Chez I looked on family page & could not find the poster on family page anywhere. I was wanting to show some people here in Clinton. Did I just miss it or is it not there?

    1. Did you get the posters I sent you in the mail? I will email it to you as well here...

  11. Yes I got them Chelz & put up but was in another town & was wanting to show a person. Thank you Chelz! Got it in my mailbox.


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