Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Girl Defined Book Giveaway Winner Announced!

Good morning friends!

Using the fantabulous services of www.random.org, a winner has been selected!!

Let's have a drumroll for our winner.......Emily Peters!!

Congratulations, Emily! I love it when my friends win!! =)
Please send an email to Girl Defined (bethany@girldefined.com) with your address and they will ship your free book out to you!

For all the rest of you who didn't win...go over to Girl Defined and purchase this book for yourselves!

Also thanks for y'alls patience in waiting for the winner announcement til Tuesday instead of Monday. Yesterday flew by and I must confess I completely forgot about posting the winner yesterday morning! #keepingitreal

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yayyy!!! Thank-you for doing this giveaway, Chelsy! :D I've been wanting to read this book for quite a while! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Thanks again! :) -Emily

  2. Don't you feel like girl redefined is feminist? Do you support feminism?

    1. Its actually Girl Defined, not Girl Redefined. Girl Redefined is a different organization.
      No, Girl Defined isn't feminist at all.
      As far as where I am on the whole feminist issue...I might have to save that for a blog post in itself because I'd be here a looooong time if I tried now. =)
      I don't use the term feminist to describe myself. And yet there are a few things in the movement that I believe were positive/correct. Watch for a blog post sometime! =)

    2. Thanks :) I understand! I will look out for a blog post. Sorry I wrote it wrong

    3. You're fine-no worries! Pray for me if you think of it as I am working on the blog post for this topic. Its a touchy one and I want to make sure I cover it biblically! Thanks!


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