Friday, August 5, 2016

Introducing the IN TUNE BAND + Their New Single!

Well, well, well...its not every day I get to make an announcement like this one! 

But here we go. MY LITTLE BROS HAVE RELEASED their first single!

First of all, let me say that I am SO PROUD of my brothers. They are literally the greatest in the land and I cannot think of one thing that would make them any better. (I'm serious, too) 

They are hard workers, good conversationists, deep thinkers, inventors, scholars, and most importantly, they are men of God and men of CHARACTER. 

As if all that wasn't quite a bit already, they are also amazing musicians. Honestly, the skill of these guys just blows my mind. They practice and practice and PRACTICE for hours on end, committed to always reaching for the next level of expertise. 

Through the Bible Bee, they met their friend Joe, who also happens to be another incredible musician. Even though he lives in Florida, and they live in Iowa, these guys have been privileged to spend quite a bit of time together at the yearly National Bible Bee Competitions. (Joe's sister and Josh have competed against each other at Nationals for the past five years, and Denver and Joe have competed against each other a number of times as well)
We've also had several family get-togethers that have occurred when we've been on tour and performing in southern Florida. And more recently, Joe's sister attended two of Allison's retreats, so Joe flew along out with her to hang out with our guys during the retreat. 

You had to understand these four guys. They're just not quite normal. (and I mean that as a complement) Most teenage boys would spend their hang out time sitting around goofing off on their phones, or playing video games, or watching movies. 

Not so with these young men. They work together, and study Bible Bee, and play sports, and spend hours discussing almost every subject you could imagine. What other teenagers do you know who have a mock debate with one representing Bernie Sanders, one representing Marco Rubio, and one being the ever present FOX News moderator? And literally if it wasn't for the fact that their voices are different and they obviously look totally different from the above mentioned individuals, you honestly would think it was the real people because the boys have listened to and studied them so much that they know how to reenact their main points and defend their various hot button issues.

I told you these guys were a little different. =)

They enjoy doing all of that, but still one of their favorite things to do is to JAM OUT together. They love arranging music and giving everything they play a "highly individual" sounding twist. =) Just listen to their band bio that is on their website:

"The In Tune Band is a collection of farmers, city-slickers and would-be politicians who share a love for bluegrass. Their original, smooth and unpredictable style is the result of sporadic practice meets and bizarre brainstorming sessions. Although they are just getting started on their collective musical careers, the In Tune band members appreciate instrumental bluegrass done right, and relish every opportunity to subject classic tunes to their creative juices."

"...Subject classic tunes to their creative juices." Yes, perfect description. =) 

Besides that, I feel like just their band bio description would make you want to buy the song. Haven't you always wanted to hear what a "bizarre brainstorming session" sounds like? 
Perfect opportunity, coming right up. =)

I know, I know...when you hear "Do Re Mi" you're thinking-"what, that old song off of "The Sound of Music"?" Haha. NOT AT ALL. You really must hear their arrangement. Hop on over to iTunes and listen to the twenty-second sample, and see if you don't just click the "BUY" button because you're dying to hear the rest of the unusualness. =)

This single is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, at these links. Go buy it for yourself---its only $.99 and it will be a dollar well-spent to have a fun + snappy tune to add to your music collection! Also please do them a favor and give them a five-star review on Amazon, too! (assuming you like it, of course!)

Also, in case you are curious, instrument credits are as follows:

Anyways, that was definitely a sufficient promo so I'm going to close that portion of the post...=)

I was honored with the opportunity to take their cover photo and thought I'd share a few of my favorites from our shoot.
We were running late from work + chores, trying to get out the door for church. We literally took these pictures in five minutes flat.

The photoshoot was a little last minute and thrown together, so I just asked them to pose however they wanted, since it was their project and their picture and I was basically just the one providing the camera. =)

Looking the pictures over afterwards proved to be entertaining, because Denver + Joe definitely had this "solemn/macho" look/idea in mind, whereas Taylor just always smiles for the camera so I don't think he had a serious face on any of the pictures, and Josh was somewhere halfway in-between.

Case in point. =)

Some thought the whole "gazing off into oblivion" idea was a little too much.
 I think this pose could be perfected in the future. =)

Outfit Coordination credits go to Joe + Denver. They did quite well.

If their musical careers don't take off, they could consider fashion design, don't you think?
Worst case scenario, I think there's a very real possibility that a comedy show somewhere might give them a job. =)

"Josh, Denver, Joe, + Taylor...I'm so proud of you guys! It was great to be a little part of your project and I'm excited to see how God is going to continue using each one of you to lift up His name with your talents!"
If you like this new single and would like to encourage these guys in their musical endeavors, please use the tabs below to share this post and these links through your social media! Thank-you!

Also don't forget to check out the links at the top to purchase this song for yourself!

Have a great weekend, friends! 


  1. Do you still photograph weddings? What are ur rates?

    1. Yes I do! Drop me a line via email ( and I'd love to chat with you about it!

  2. Just a curious question... What setting do you use for your camera?
    You did an excellent job at picture three's (three as in the photos that is not the cover photo) sharpness and color. It is super hard to take photos with white clothing (due to white being very reflective of light) and you did a great job.

    1. I shoot primarily in manual.
      I'm definitely not an expert and sometimes really feel like its trial + error---one shoot can go great and then with the next one its like "whaaaat happened?" =) But I like to try anyways!

  3. YES YES YES. It is SO good. And, yes, these guys are top-notch and it's such an honor to call them friends. They inspire me so much! Haha, this: "Looking the pictures over afterwards proved to be entertaining, because Denver + Joe definitely had this "solemn/macho" look/idea in mind, whereas Taylor just always smiles for the camera so I don't think he had a serious face on any of the pictures, and Josh was somewhere halfway in-between." Classic. :) And I can't get over the stellar website/cover design/photography/clothing combo! Haha, I was leaving the "what a DREAM photoshoot" comment on your peach photog post and one of the brothers walked by asking if that was a comment for this, but I'm sure it would apply to this one, too, with the awesome location/color combo/laughter during the shoot. :) Ok, I'll wrap this up - I was originally just going to comment "YES YES YES", yikes. Clap, clap!!

    1. Hehe! Love your comment-you're so sweet. =)
      You know them. =)

  4. They are AMAZING!!! I've been performing all my life and am really critical of music without even trying 🙈😁 But I absolutely LOVED THIS!!!! I could seriously see them taking off like "The Piano Guys," just by doing awesome renditions of classic songs! Great job, inTune! ;)

    1. I'm the same way---I listen to new music with a very critical ear. But I can also greatly appreciate good talent when I hear it and I totally agree with you-I feel like they've got a great start with their first project!

  5. Keep up the good work guys!! LOVE the music you played..always waiting for more:)

  6. Good job at picking out the outfits Denver and Joe

  7. This is awesome, guys! Listened to your clip on your website and it sounded so cool! Love it!!! And the design/clothing combo/photography is stellar=)

  8. Love this! Can't wait to listen to it!! I agree your brothers are extraordinary men!! Great job men of God!!

  9. Love this! Can't wait to listen to it!! I agree your brothers are extraordinary men!! Great job men of God!!

  10. Thanks for sharing about this. Great sound from truly great guys! We've met your family a few times at Bible Bee Nationals. We live just north of Joe and his family.
    Les, Melanie, Ryan and Anaka Schmitt

  11. their outfits!!! wow! guys, God does amazing things to those who call on Him! Great work and God Bless!!

  12. Ok now you have me curious. I was just wondering how they have done against each other over the years now. You know this is like reading a book. If you start reading the book then you are anxious for the whole story.

  13. Are they going to do this at the Celebration?

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