Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy National Coffee Day!

I've always thought that the whole national whatever day idea was kinda weird. 

I mean, really...there's apparently a day to celebrate pretty much anything. And why?

But in spite of all my prejudices against the whole idea, I felt that National Coffee Day deserved its own little corner of recognition in my world. =)

So here's a little humor in your coffee-filled day for all you fellow coffee lovers out there! Coffee cheers!
More than once...
 Did you know this, mom?!

 Love it. 
 How I feel some days. My days like this are rare. But they do occur. =)
 Can I get a witness?
 Been there!
Gotta end with the best one. =)
Hope y'all are having a lovely, "guilt-free-although-five-cups-consumed", kind of a day! 
And don't forget whipped cream! =)


  1. Oh, my! I LOVE coffee! All those sayings are hilarious! I'll have to share them with my coffee-loving friends! Cool post! :-)
    ~ Susanna

  2. Happy national coffee day, Chels! I think the national whatever days are silly too, but national coffee day is pretty awesome. hehe ;)

    Loved those coffee sayings!

  3. Hilar! I didn't know that "National coffee day" was a thing! Love it! And I actually had coffee yesterday! =)

  4. LOVE this post! Definitely a coffee lover. :)

  5. Chelsy, did you know that God(I hope He has a sense of humor) wanted men to make coffee for women? His people were called He-brews for a reason...

  6. Love it Chels! I'm totally with ya on the National Coffee Day! ;) And looove all those sayings!! :)

  7. Coffee topped with fresh whipped cream shall forever remind me of you guys! Oh to put together a delish creation at the retreat coffee bar again... :) ♥ Miss you!

  8. I have always liked my coffee hot and black. To me you ruin good coffee when you add things to it. It is like putting steak sauce on a good steak.

  9. I love those coffee quotes. I didn't even know there was a National Coffee Day. That's so awesome. -Jennifer

  10. Love it, Chelsy!! We always need good humor!! Take care!

  11. HA! Fourth one down is me every cup of caffeinated coffee! Fun post! =)

  12. Lol, so funny! I did enjoy celebrating national coffee day at Krispy Kreme with free coffee and a doughnut! ;)


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