Monday, October 31, 2016

"You Know You Might Be In A Campaigning Family If" + My Thoughts on the Election

The other day I discovered this little draft entitled, "You Know You Might Be In A Campaigning Family If". I was meaning to post this long ago-I actually wrote it months ago, right after we had finished out biggest chunk of campaign work in the south, but it got stuck in drafts and I totally forgot about it until I recently discovered it again. I almost hit "delete draft".
I mean, we are way past that now, and in someways it's a little painful to reflect on that season (just being honest).

But as I scrolled down through and laughed with the memories, I decided against deleting it. I want to remember and document those times. It was a good cause, it was a good work, and we made some great memories that I don't regret. And sometimes even when everything looks so extremely dark + dismal for our country, it is still good to remember to laugh.

God is on the throne, after all. We are called to do our part, and to leave the results up to HIM. Thank goodness that is all we are called to do. If the results depended on us it would be constant depression, I'm afraid, with the current state of things politically. But with obedience for us, and the results with's just a really safe place to be, if you think about it.

So this evening I'm going to take you down memory lane with me, and laugh a little over some of these moments from the good old campaigning days-those days of fighting for a good cause with my favorites (that would be my family) and learning so much more about life + public relations + public speaking + public debating + public EVERYTHING than I could ever have learned anywhere else.

I'm still really thankful. It wasn't a waste. It was good.

All that to say, here you are:

"You know you might be in a campaigning family IF....."

...even your eight year old uses political lingo, always, even in bedtime prayers: "And dear Jesus, I pray that Allison would please get married, and I would endorse _________ for brother in law." (if Rebs got a dollar for every brother in law endorsement she has given she would be one rich little woman! =))

a sibling "endorses" you for a work project

...for that matter, everyone in your family "endorses" (or doesn't endorse) everything and anything. Who needs the world "support" when you can "ENDORSE" someone or something? It just sounds so much more...important and political. =)

...speaking of all of that....the children would turn anything and everything from assignments to jobs to WHATEVER into an election: "okay, so who do you endorse to do the morning milking? Who would be your second choice, and why? Okay, time for the vote! It appears that Mitch has received the most endorsements and Carson second, HOWEVER they are almost tied for delegates so this may have to advance to a broker convention!" =) get the news that Crispy Creme Chris Christie has dropped out of the race, and your ten year old  brother promptly exclaims "I wish he would've stayed in because he was helping to split the establishment vote!" Like what ten year old even knows what "split the establishment vote" means?
One who has watched all of the debates. =)

...You use nicknames to discuss candidates (see above example =)) 
And there are many more examples from which I will spare you. =)

...the sibling group chat has politics ALL THROUGHOUT it. have specific emojis that you use to more accurately convey your emotion when discussing dealings with "Trumpers".
And they are not complimentary emojis. avoid the use of one certain emoji like THE PLAGUE because it looks EXACTLY identical to the way Trump crosses his thumb and index finger and HORRORS to imitate him.

...your eight and ten year old siblings know exactly the meanings of GOP and establishment and broker convention and delegates and winner takes all and caucus. develop basically a whole new language with friends you campaign with.

...all of your siblings have the Cruz app and i360 Walk App on their phones and all of you have used them in ?? states. dread checking comments after a political post because there are truly all sorts of people in the world and some of those very unique types always have lots of negativity to share about how wrong they think you are. have to bring a more level headed family member in to proof the comments and help determine which ones would qualify as too inappropriate to post and which ones will slide by. of you who isn't at the watch party texts a sibling who is: "How is it going? What? Seriously they said that? Those liberals are crazy! I say, down with the aristocrats! Ahem, the establishment. Umm, my apologies----been immersed in too much French revolution history." =)

...every single meal time we talk about politics. And lots of other things, of course. But always politics makes it in there too.

...your siblings make up charts before each primary/caucas and go around to each person in the family to get everyones predictions on what they think will be the final rankings of each candidate.

...your brothers give you hassle because once upon a time you were a Rubio fan and now of course you're not... but the brothers just can't let you forget about it.

...even the few times you all consciously try to divert the conversation and just discuss other things politics comes back in.

...we older ones were at a church's college/career class valentines party, and were playing Catch Phrase. Two of our boys were on the same team, which was bad news to begin with. The hilarious thing about it all was that with every question that came up, they used their political knowledge to figure out the answer. Case in point was the question, NAME THIS FOOTBALL TEAM. Denver looks at Josh and said, "Josh, the team that Rubio's wife was a cheerleader for"! Josh immediately named the team and the game kept moving...except that literally every else in the room is still reeling trying to put all the information together: "DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT? WHAT WHAT WHAT?!" And I looked at the guy next to me who was giving me this incredulous "whoa, your brothers are hard core!" type look, and said, "That, my friend, is what happens when your brothers live, eat, and breathe politics and know way too much about the candidates." =)


And that's a little humor for your evening. =) I hope that in the middle of all of these very serious and very heartbreaking dynamics that are surrounding every aspect of this current election...I hope that this post maybe gave you a laugh or two, and will remind you that we can always have JOY when we are on the winning side!

Have a blessed evening, friends!


  1. Thank you for this, Chelsy. I talked to a volunteer from Georgia just a few days ago who Taylor and Allison had a huge impact on. Even though our chosen candidate didn't win, the impact we had will not be fully realized for quite some time. If not for politics and campaign work, my life would be measurably different, and likely not for better. A quote from Hudson, "If Chris Christie would have stayed in, he would likely have helped split the establishment vote." Remember that from the office in South Carolina?
    Thanks again.

    1. Yes, I'll never forget that office! Good times..

  2. While Trump is a flawed person, like all of us, I personally am voting for him because he's pro-life. Unfortunately not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary; who has publicly pledged her commitment to planned parenthood and supports abortion with a sickening passion. I know that Trump is considered by many as the lesser of two evils, however, I don't believe that is the case. For one reason. And that reason is life. Trump has pledged to appoint justices that could very likely overturn Roe V. Wade. Which would be a huge turning point in the state of our country. God still used people in the Bible, like Cyrus, who wasn't necessarily a believer, but still carried out God's plan. I want to be the generation that see's abortion outlawed once again in our country. And if the imperfect Trump is the man for the job then I pray God will use him that way. Thanks for sharing your blog, I always enjoy reading others views and opinions on this subject.
    May God have mercy on our nation!
    God bless.

    1. For sake of a little discussion here....
      Trump is actually not pro-life in the slightest. His record shows that. It is quite disturbing, but if you choose to dig into it, you will find a totally different record than what he is promoting currently. As far as his list of supreme court judges, it never ceases to amaze me that people believe that he would actually appoint those judges, because the only consist thing Trump has ever done is LIE. I can't tell you how many people who told me they wouldn't vote for Cruz (back in the primaries) because they said there was "no way he could follow through with his promises"... but those same people have been some of the first to jump on the Trump bandwagon even though his complete campaign is a total lie against everything he stood for just a few years ago.
      I've heard the argument so many times in the past few months about how how God used wicked leaders in the Bible. But if we research into those Bible stories a little more, we discover the judgement of God upon the people who assisted those wicked leaders.
      Amen in the prayer that God have mercy on our nation. This election is a great reminder that we need to take seriously time spent on our knees crying out for His forgiveness.
      Thank-you for sharing your thoughts-I appreciate it!

  3. Haha! I love the one about Rebs! And the prediction charts - oh yes, we did that too. :) Except we did it during the three days when Ben Carson was ahead in primary polls, so our predictions were a little skewed. ;)

  4. Loved this, Chels!!! Especially the part about Josh and Denver in Catch Phrase---hilarious, and so relatable! ;)

  5. Chelsy, I am so grateful for all that you and your family did to support the Cruz campaign! I was devastated to hear when he had to drop out of the race. It seemed like that was the last hope for America. I heard this from a friend once, and I was wondering what your thoughts were on it.
    In the Bible, God gave David 3 punishments to choose from after David sinned, and David picked the lesser of the 3 punishments.(2 Samuel 24:12) I believe that God is judging our nation, and we need to choose our punishment. I believe that every person should get out and VOTE...the ones who stay at home really puts in a vote for Hillary if they don't vote against her. And may God help us if that woman becomes our next president.
    Ok, so not meaning to go on and on! :) I just wondered what your thoughts would be on this. And thank you for the laughs you sent my way...always love hearing your family stories on politics! ;) Rebecca is hilarious...
    God Bless!

    1. I agree with you that God is judging our nation. My answer is that I have no desire or wish to be a part of His judgement. I have done my part to avert this (campaigning for a godly man-Cruz!) but unfortunately too many people had their heads in the sand and weren't willing to think biblically back in the primaries either, which has resulted in the current mess. These two candidates now are here as a choice of the people, and I personally refuse to have any involvement in putting my vote with either of them. From what I know about him (and trust me, it is WAAAY more than I wish I knew) I firmly believe that Donald Trump is every bit as wicked and liberal as Hillary Clinton. I don't think there is a "lesser of two evils" choice; I believe that the two candidates are equally two of the most evil options we could possibility have chosen. This is not my choice, but it is what it is.
      May God help us, yes, because we are in serious trouble either way.
      Yes, many people say that not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. But if you believed like I do, that Trump is as bad as Hillary, you probably wouldn't vote for him either.
      Thanks for your thoughts + for sharing. And yes, Rebs keeps us laughing. =)

    2. Thank you for this, Chelsy! Keep standing for the Truth!!

  6. Chelsy, the responses you've penned are better than the blog post. Amen to all of them.

  7. AMEN!!! I'm glad there's someone else out there besides us who isn't saying we should vote for the "lesser of two evils". You are so right...if you look at the facts, Trump is just as evil as Hillary. So many Christians just ignore Trumps's immorality because they are scared of what will happen if Hillary gets elected. God is in control, though, and He is judging our nation based on our immorality, so Hillary is not the one we should be afraid of. Thanks for your post!

  8. If you don't vote for Trump, it's a vote for Hillary. Do we want Trump or Hillary as president? No. But do we want Hillary as president? No!

    1. No, it actually isn't. (wasn't =))
      A vote for Hillary was a vote for Hillary, and a vote for Trump was a vote for Trump.
      As I've said before, I did my part earlier this year in campaigning + working/voting in the primaries and I feel no regret or remorse whatsoever to say that I had no part in electing our current president.

  9. Can you do a post-election blog? I think it would be great for readers to be reminded that now is the time to look up. I think God is pulling us away from our dependence on the government and trying to get us to look back at him. I honestly am excited for these next few years - not because Trump was elected, but because I believe steps have been laid for Christ's return!

    1. Oh goodness-I don't know. The last year and a half has been all politics here and while it has been the best experience ever I will be honest and tell you that I am ready for a break! But thanks for your request-I will give it some thought + prayer for sure. =)

  10. I think too many Christians are still trying to act like America is this OT Israel...they go to Deuteronomy where it tells you how to appoint a leader, etc. Which is a totally wrong foundation to start off, because the US is anything but that, has never been close either. You can talk all about your conscience, values, your duty to God etc. I don't have an issue with your argument, if you were consistent with it, something that is very hard to be. Here's just ONE example...Walmart sells plenty of things that no Christian should ever buy. So to be consistent with your reasoning, you shouldn't shop there because you're supporting that. I could give you a hundred similar examples of how we unwittingly support evil causes in our day to day life. Wake up Christians, because you're living in a spiritual Babylon! I understand that many just try to boycott these things but there's really no end to the evil that has infiltrated this world. In the end we all should be sensitive to the Spirit's leading in each of our lives and to our own consciences, so I respect your decision. But it bothers me that so many Christians elevate a vote above a million other things that they support every day with purchases and even with the web browser you use! Why is this? It makes no sense, has no consistency.

  11. TRUMP!! #makeamericagreatagain

  12. I know this is an older post, but thanks for posting it! My sisters and I were laughing so hard as we read through the "ifs", simply because they sounded just like our family of 11's experience during those months!! AND, yes, we were totally for Cruz!

    (PW for blog: ac2017 )


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