Thursday, January 19, 2017

The 2017 Post

January 2017. This month is pretty much my favorite month in the world right now for a variety of reasons.

First, and most importantly, it is the start of 2017. I love even the sound of NEW YEAR. It just has a ring to it. Honestly makes me "fly up on the wings of anticipation", just thinking + dreaming of all the things I could do this year. Places to go, projects to start, businesses to get off the ground, plans to make...ah, give me ALL the new year feels!

Secondly, tonight has been my "carrot out in front of me" for the past month and a half. As I type this, we are mere minutes away from finishing recording for our eighth family album. Pretty sure there's going to be the biggest party ever happening in the bus quite shortly! Well, actually in all honesty, we are all way too tired to party. So I will go to bed and party another time. Besides, when you're at this point...a long nights' sleep is basically better than a party anyways. Best thing in the world! 

Thirdly...well, I don't know why thirdly. But I needed a thirdly, because I had a first and secondly. So of course a "thirdly" completed it. 
So for "thirdly" let's just say that its just a great month to be alive! =)

As I mentioned in my last 2016 post, I tend to get overly visionary on myself. The hilarious thing is that I'm not even a visionary in my personality. But I am the daughter of an extremely visionary father, who married my extremely visionary mother, and so I really don't have any choice but to have a very large dose of visionary in my genes. Even if I'm not technically a visionary. I still have to keep up my end. =)

All that to say, January is always a time of goal setting, brainstorming, and lots of blank paper. This month so far has been a little different than normal and I'm still trying to catch up with myself. A time like the above picture (vision session from a few months ago) is basically my one of my two greatest wishes right now. Maybe one of these days. Laptop, favorite playlist, Bible, journal, notebooks, + coffee. Double coffee. Or maybe even triple coffee. Basically lots of coffee.

But in the meantime, I'm recovering from a very crazy but very blessed December, and am adjusting into the completely + totally different lifestyle of tour life. For years now I've been trying to figure out if it is easier to blog at home or out on the road. I'm still confused on that so until I figure out, I'll be over here just doing my best to blog whenever I can, wherever I am landed. =)

Oh. And in case you were wondering about my 2017 goals? One of them was to blog 2x a week. 

Yeah, goal blown. (sigh)

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." -Les Brown

Happy January, peoples! And Happy 2017.


  1. I like the ending quote. It's a good reminder that you may not always reach where you planned to go, but at least you tried! At least you made an effort, and hopefully it will bear fruit of some kind. Happy New Year! Hope you'll have a good birthday. Love, Rebecca

  2. What music do you like to listen to on your playlist?

    1. A pretty wide variety! Anything from classical to celtic to contemporary to bluegrass to southern gospel. I really like diversity in my music. =)

  3. Chels! I always enjoy finding a new post here in your lovely little spot ☺
    Also-I have a subscription to your blog but I never receive the emails?! I'm not sure if the problem is on my end or not, but I did try to re-subscribe and every time I enter my email address I receive an error message saying that this email address is already subscribed!
    Prayers for your family as y'all are on tour and spreading the love of Jesus wherever you go! ❤ Keep up the blogging-no matter where you are 😘

    1. Thanks for your comment! I apologize for the glitches with the email subscription. I believe it is an issue that happened when I lost my previous domain name. I am working to get a new site up and running (this winter yet!) and hopefully can get the subscription thing figured out at that time.
      Thanks for the prayers + kind words!

    2. Okay, that's perfectly fine! Thank you for taking the time to reply ❣ And now you have got me super excited for your ((NEW)) site! 😉
      I really appreciate your words of encouragement to other followers of HIM!
      Continued prayers for you and your family ❤

  4. Happy January from SC! I wanted to just say, I love your blog, so please keep attempting to blog 2x per week even if you've already missed the goal :)
    Hope your tour goes well!!

  5. Hey, Chelsy! I've been 'stalking' *wink* your blog for a good while now, but I figured I'd finally come out and comment on this post. =)
    AND YES that 'new slate' feeling that comes with the New Year is just awesome. I got a planner for 2017 yesterday, and so I get to write allll the stuff I wanna do this year.
    (oh, and btw, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. You have such a warm writing style that invites everyone in and makes them feel like you're sitting in a cafe together sipping coffee and having a friendly chat. You're awesome. ;))

    1. Thanks so much for that encouragement! That is just exactly what I want my blog to be (what you said you feel it is) and you verbalizing that just made my day. Bless your heart!

  6. Still waiting on the laundry post.... :) :) :)

    1. Haha-I was JUST thinking of you the other day and remembering our conversation and thinking "that post needs to get finished!" =) Hopefully soon!

  7. Chelz it looks to me like you are not going to make the goal of two times a month and your goal was two times a week? Nice laugh anyway.
    Wow I hope to see the family later this year like in June? Hope it all works out.

  8. Hi Chelsy,
    I know that this is not related to the above blog post but I wanted to share this link with you.
    A while back you claimed that Trump is like Hitler, I kindly suggest you read a little more history before making such a claim.


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