Wednesday, May 10, 2017


About how it's been a loooong time since I've blogged. Okay, that's it. =)
The new hymns album by Anthem Lights. I have it on constant repeat. My favorites are the Easter Medley, I Need Thee Every Hour, and the Hallelujah Medley. Goodness, so much beautiful. These guys can harmonize SO well!
Nothing. Ha. No time for movies these days. Kinda funny how life does that to you. Does anyone else feel like movie time is in seasons, sometimes?
Details for the summer tour. New album marketing. Blogging. (family blog) Office work, in other words! Also spring cleaning window washing at the hotel. Trying to figure out a plan for this blog. (pray for me!) Organizing my life.
About trying out a new project I've been dying to do for YEARS and am finally going to be attempting!
Organizing, deep cleaning, and discovering my minimalistic side that I didn't quite know I had.
More and more about openness, brokenness, + faith that move mountains.
Lots + lots of new things in this season of life. Also answered prayer in the tiniest AND largest of ways, which warms my heart so much.
Rest in knowing that I don't have to know everything, cause Jesus already does.
Revelation!! Why does it sometimes take SO LONG to learn this?!
That there is a purpose for everything, and that Jesus has, does, and WILL make everything beautiful. That's a promise!

I'd love to hear a little of YOUR life currently, friend!


  1. May is a busy month. A month of the in between seasons, doing school + work, and pursuing our/God's goals or dreams. I will definitely pray for you, gal! You WILL conquer that dream of yours. I am so glad to see you constantly growing into that beautiful vision that God has for you, Chelsy. "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before ONE of them came to be." (Psalm 139). Keep up the good work for Jesus!

  2. Love these currently posts + will have to check out that new hymns album!

  3. Wow! You seem a lot like me. ;)

    I will be praying for you!

    - Lilly Shyree (

  4. I have been talking it easy. That is if easy includes getting this ready to go to all the graves on Memorial Day, preparing thing for concert in June, going to radio stations and advertising. I have to make some ice cream (wonder who that is for?) Oh and let's not forget my regular job of driving about 3000 miles a week. I think I need a little more to do.

  5. Hi, Chels! Loved hearing about what's going on with you lately. Life around here has been pretty busy, but good...attending graduation parties, having guests (including our dear Grandpa driving up from Texas); I've been working on various different business, music and sewing projects, working on being more influential in my little sibs' lives, encouraging them/spending more time with them/helping them memorize Scripture. Trying to exercise more. Reading a really good book from the Library. Learning, and experiencing God freely giving me wisdom when I ask Him! Listening to "What are Words" by the Piano Guys, ft. Peter and Evynne Hollens. Have you listened to that one? Sooo beautiful!!
    Praying for you, Chels! If you would pray for me in this busy time of life, to never be too busy to spend time with Jesus/talk with Him, seek His will, etc; pray that I will just abide in Him! :)

    <3 Elizabeth

  6. Thanks for inducting me to anthem lights LOVE their new album

  7. I've been seeing answered prayer in the tiniest and largest ways too, and learning how to persevere in praying, when I think it will have no effect, it really does surprise me that He heard/cared about my simplest prayer! God is good all the time! ~ Davida

  8. Yay! I was so happy to see you had posted again :) These "currently" posts are fun!
    Currently in my life, I'm working on a bunch of music stuff. I have a piano recital next Saturday, and I'm playing the piano for a Kindergarten "graduation" next Friday. Those have both required many hours of practice these past few weeks. Other than that, I'm working on math and science, hand lettering cards, volleyball, painting my bedroom, writing a book, and whatnot... just trying to cherish the beauty of these simple things in my life!
    Oh, and the "Running the Race" song from your family album is stuck in my head xD Your CD is really good and our family of 9 is enjoying it very much!

  9. Oh sorry I thought we were supposed to tell a little about our lives currently. I must not have read it correctly.

  10. I'm so excited to listen to the new Anthem Lights album of hymns! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Currently for me: I'm missing having assignments due every week in school. Working on thoroughly cleaning my room. Listening to RJK Sisters and William Joseph Beyond. No movies - it just ruins my day, but I have discovered Ben Shapiro and his fantastic debates. Looking for a job to pay for next year's schooling. Going through a Russian Bible. Feeling like I don't have enough work and feeling like my relationship with God has fallen. Hoping to find somewhere to do some volunteer work.


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