Photography was a dream of mine years ago. I've loved photography for as long as I can remember and always thought that it would be an amazing business. After much research, saving, and more dreaming, I finally bought my Canon 30D in August of 2007. Since then, I've opened my own business and now do professional photography part-time. 
I've been very blessed with the many opportunities I've had to learn and grow in the photography world. 
-In April of 2009, I attended Prizewinning Photography with the Institute of Photographic Studies in Dallas, Texas. I had a fabulous week learning from professional Christian photographer instructors and spending time with other young photographers. I have also enjoyed opportunities to second shoot with and learn from other professional photography studios.
I shoot with my Canon 5D Mark III & Canon 30D, a 28-135mm Macro lens, and a Speedlite 580EX II.
If you are interested in booking a photography shoot with me, or finding out about pricing and details, please drop me a line via email! I'd love to capture your special moments, whether you are a family, senior, or bride&groom!