Tuesday, August 16, 2011

::Life On My End::

Sorry, ya'll. I've been absent again. 
I'm not sorry that I've not been posting. 
Just sorry that you've all been pining away to hear from me again.
All that said, here I am, pictured above in all the glory of doing sweet corn. 
My last month has been wild, to say the least.
-Four weeks ago, I was in Oregon, wading in the cold waters of the ocean.
-Three weeks ago, I was hiking and seeing grizzlies in the Yellowstone Mountains.
-Two weeks ago, I had just gotten home and was doing sweet corn. (and loving every minute!)
-Last week, I was dreading leaving home AGAIN.
And this week finds me in a little hick yet beautiful corner of Alabama, wearing headphones and trying to keep time with my vocals and instruments to this amazing new thing (for us) called click tracks. Incredible invention, but quite frustrating all the same. Imagine going from thinking you know a song perfectly and have awesome rhythm.....to discovering that your rhythm is awful and it will be a long while until this song is "shelved". (in other words, COMPLETED)
Anyhow, that's a brief glimpse into my current life. Not exactly normal, but never boring, for sure!