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  1. Hi Chelsy! It took me pulling all of my boxes out of the closet and going through everything and I came across your Dec 21 Christmas letter and b-e-a-utiful pictures of my favorite little ones to find out that you have a blog. I actually have never seen a blog until yours and I absolutely adore this~
    I have a huge passion to view Jesus's amazing works through a camera. When I was in high school, I was the yearbook photographer and I developed all of the photos. I have in the last several months purchased equipment to prepare my "own" dark room to develop all of the photos I want....well at least this is my goal. I have all of the stuff but it sits there...I'll get to it. I turned (((59))) today and it was just yesterday my first son was born (he is now 40.) I adore being a Momma, a MiMi and more and more I love the pureness of all of God's little ones.
    I would love to talk more but I have boxes and boxes of Christmas presents (13 grown kiddos and 15 perfect grand kiddos) that are growing as I type.
    See you all Sunday!


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