Hello, y'all!

I am a twenty-five year old farmgirl residing in the midwest with my amazing parents and fabulous nine siblings. My family is wonderful and they are the most incredible people in my life.

Half of my year is spent on our 350acre farm, enjoying the hectic but blessed life that comes with being a farmer's daughter. The other half of the year I tour with my family of twelve, giving concerts and presenting the gospel all across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Yes, its a pretty wild switch going back and forth from one to the other. (as in, denim and boots... to satin and heels!) But its a good life!

In the area of employment, I am currently a secretary, music instructor/arranger, and nanny. (and no two days are quite the same!) I love my work! In my spare time I am passionate about fashion design, photography, and writing. I have always loved to write, and in recent years this has grown into writing on this blog about everything from my daily life to controversial issues that face my generation today. I also LOVE the stage (acting) and if there was someway possible to do so without compromising convictions and other responsibilities, I would be a full-time actress. =)

My someday dreams include being a wedding coordinator, authoring a book, traveling to Israel, and being a mommy to a house full of babies.

I am very stubborn and outspoken, and most of the time I talk before I think. It gets me in trouble constantly. My personality is choleric in the extreme and I love to be in charge and get things going. (#bossyfirstbornstatus) I like when people are open and honest about their struggles and who they are. If you have struggles and challenges in life than take heart because that means you are REAL.

My heart beats fast for the unborn that don't yet have a voice, and for those who are looked down on by the world for whatever reason. I believe that ALL MEN are created equal and that is how I want to live my life. I am pro-life, pro-country, pro-family, and pro-children. And I desire to be known for the things I am FOR, and not the things I am against.

Life is beautiful in the little things. For me, those "little things" include, but definitely are not limited to....babies, coffee, Canon gear, jalapeno peppers, dark chocolate, old books, raw milk, kindred spirits of all ages, handwritten notes, thrift stores, bath+body works, my sister's famous candles, and jolly ranchers.

 I love life, and firmly believe that if we are saved and following in the ways of the Lord, we can all say together that "it IS a beautiful life"! Jesus has done so much for me in saving my soul and giving me life everlasting in Him. It is my deepest desire to life my life fully for Him and to give everything I have to proclaim His goodness + the Gospel!

Life is short. After we experience the salvation of Jesus Christ, the rest of our lives are a journey of learning to give, surrender, and die to self as He sanctifies and purifies us. My prayer is that something you read on this blog will be a blessing to you in challenging you to live more sold out for Jesus on YOUR journey! We each only have one life to live, only one chance to make a mark on this world. My challenge to you, reader, is to live your life on fire for Christ. Don't do anything half way. Follow the dream that Jesus gives you and let your life be full of passion and energy! Get a vision bigger than yourself, and pursue those dreams with everything you've got!

Me? I am just a very human and common sinner, saved by His grace, and completely powerless to do any good on my own. One of the visions God has given me is this blog. I'm woefully inadequate, but as He guides me in writing here, I'm going to shoot for the stars and give this dream all that I have.
If anything you read here blesses you than may the glory go to HIM!