Friday, March 22, 2013

Sibling Love

 There's nobody in the world that I'd rather traipse around Washington DC with than my brothers & sisters!
It was so fun to dress and up walk all over the city and senate buildings together.
We probably looked like...I don't know what.
Although multiple people asked if we were singers. 
Wonder if we just have "the look", or what? =)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arlington Cemetery::Thoughts

Last week when we were in DC we visited the Arlington Cemetery. 
It was a pretty incredible thing to walk the grounds and see the thousands upon thousands of graves. 
It was really a time for reflection for me. 
In spite of all the people touring there, there was a hush that covered the place.
 people whispered and walked quietly.
Even thought I didn't personally know anyone who had been buried there, I still felt this sense of pride for them.
A sense of deepest gratitude and thankfulness for their sacrifice.
A sense of unfairness that I get to live my life however I want, go wherever I want, and live in freedom because
they GAVE for their country and for people like me, people they didn't even know.
Those thoughts filled me with thankfulness.
and I am grateful for their sacrifice and that of so many others like them. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life This Morning

I spent the last three days in Washington DC.
While it was a great experience, I was SO ready to get out of that city!
For a country girl like me, it was getting a little claustrophobic so be surrounded constantly by SO many people and vehicles. 
As usual we blew all the "normal" codes and our bus spent most of the time there parked right beside the Washington Monument. =)
 In that whole time we only had one policeman knock on our doors, so that was a blessing.
More on the time there watching our family blog for pictures and such in the upcoming days.
late last night we left and when I woke up this morning we were parked outside of a Starbucks in Reston, VA. 
So this morning I 
1) worked on computer projects
2) had a "vision" meeting with my father
(fyi-a vision meeting is when two visionaries discuss various possibilities and dreams. 
its also something that happens CONSTANTLY in our rather visionary family =))
3) consumed a deliciously scrumptious peppermint mocha frappe. =)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What are you eating?

Just thinking today about what we feed our minds.
Are we reading junk?
 Or are we filling our minds with the healthiest "mind & heart" food out there?
that would be God's Word!
ask yourself this today...and be challenged to immerse yourself more and more in the Bible!