Monday, July 15, 2013

Its Time....

....for an update again.
Or may I say, it's way PAST time?
I am going to take a little break from blogging for the next month, until mid-August.
In the meantime, I'll "tide you over" with a few consolation pictures. =)
Taken from a sista date we had last month....
Good food @ Coffee Cultures.
Little Sisters.
Game of choice-Dutch Blitz.
pretty sure we were the most unique batch of dinner customers they'd ever had in there.
what with our noise, and game, and running all over the restaurant barefoot, we definitely weren't the norm. =)
And the most fun thing happened as we were going up to order! 
There was this sweet couple ahead of us in line.
And just as we walked up, the gentleman turned around and said that he was going to take our bill!
I was thrilled. =) 
(it appears that this couple has a gang of TEN very wild and noisy children and on this evening the couple was taking a break and getting away for a date just the two of them)
We were so blessed by their generosity. =)
(and yes-we have the sweetest daddy ever)
I'll see ya'll back here bright & early, on August 13th.
(the day after I get home!)
I'm super excited about where God is leading me with this blog-lots of new things are coming and I can hardly wait to introduce you all to the new site!
Just a teaser to get you excited...the new site will feature
1) fashion ideas & inspiration
2) professional & daily life photography (as before, & more!)
3) controversial subjects & discussion forums
(I am most excited about this last one-its been a dream that I've had for quite a while now. 
Lately God has just really been putting it on my heart even more and I think its time to take the jump and get started!
 I'm really looking forward to how God is going to use it to hopefully challenge others to think about and learn to articulate/debate what they believe)
in addition to all that,
 there's just a chance that if there is enough interest I may continue the 
4) "Wednesday's Blonde Moment" series
(hehe. thats a big MAYBE. comment and let me know if you think "yes")
an interesting fact that ya'll may be interested to know
 is that the blonde moment post was 
the most highly read post 
on my blog.
I really didn't intend to become known as the girl who plants strawberry plants upside down.
but alas.
that seems to be my current lot in life. =)
I can hardly wait for August 13th to be here! 
Do me a favor?
Comment and let me know which of the above catorgories you are most anticipating!
And let me know if you have any other ideas for things you would like to see featured on this blog.
I'm not promising to take all requests, but I would like to know what topics are an encouragement and blessing to my readers.
In the meantime, I'll be posting (along with my sister) over on our family blog, so if you wish you can keep up with me and my life with my family, over there.
Until the thirteenth, then!

love from Alaska...=)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Climbing the Mountain..

Had a wonderful time hiking the other day with part of my family!
Read the whole story I posted over on our family blog!