Thursday, September 5, 2013

From the Weekend

 I made it and I'm still alive and it was an awesome Labor Day!
It exceeded all my expectations 
and I am just super blessed that God has allowed our family to host this event every year.
The Turning Hearts Celebration is one of the highlights of my year every year
 and even though its a crazy amount of work to pull everything off, I love it so much!
It is however taking me a while to recover from the "to bed at 2:30am and up again at 6:30am" schedule that I had going last weekend. =) 
I'm giving you all just one picture today-taken on Sunday of my bud Sam & I. 
We accidentally matched. 
And that always calls for a picture. =)
See the family blog for pictures of the weekend & Labor Day, coming soon!
There's a full weekend ahead, with my two brothers' grad party tomorrow night, concerts Saturday/Sunday, & family camp starting Sunday afternoon. 

Have a happy weekend!