Friday, September 27, 2013

Annoucing Boho Blogtober!

There is a big announcement this morning, ladies & gentlemen!
I am super excited to introduce y'all, my blog readers, to the fantabulous, world-changing (actually, it might be, hopefully!in a little way), uplifting, and all over inspiring new series that will be debuting in just four short days.
No more thoughts of 
"I wonder if Chels might've posted today? Its been a month.."
"Is she STILL on blog vacation?"
"Is she even still actually existing somewhere? or did she die off?"
***Boho Blogtober***
does the name not sound so...full of adventure?
I can say this because I didn't come up with it. =)
The name comes from the very talented friend Hannah who brainstormed this whole idea with me.
Venting about frustration of crazy lifestyles and rubbing it in that the other person hasn't posted for EVER...has a way of bringing about some of the best ideas, I think. =)
So this blogtober idea was created, from the thought that if we made posting more "official", and blew it up into this big event, of sorts, and made the goal public...that our blogging lives would be revolutionized. 
A bonus factor is that you blog readers will be holding us, um, accountable. 
And it would be super embarrassing to fail after hyping it up like this!
{Why am I even discussing the possibility of failure?}
So here is the deal: 
Hannah & I are the owners/creators of this Boho Blogtober.
{you'll want to be following her too during October because she has some amazing things coming!}
Posting will occur 5 days a week.
We're giving ourselves the weekend off because that should be normal. =)
Two months of hardly any blogging has meant that since hardly anything of interest has been posted, all of those great ideas and brainstorms for posts have been jumping to my mental file, instead of my laptop.
If there was such a thing as a brain-crash (like computer-crash?)
I'd be there. totally!
To whet your appetite, I am going to share with you a few of the things I'll be posting next month in my "24 posts":
*October Goals
{what they are-beginning of month}
*Out on the Town
{yes, that is PLURAL!}
*Senior Sessions
{my handsome brothers-its gonna be good!}
*Fall Wardrobe Ideas
*Thrifted Thrillers
{or I might call it something that sounds more legit and not so scary =)}
*A Guest Post or Two
*Hot Topic Issues
{complete with start-to-finish photos!}
*A Hair Tutorial
{maybe a guest one by my sis Allison who is queen of hairstyles? Yes?}
*MN Girl's Conference Trip
*MN Roadtrip||Wedding
*Other Photography Sessions
*Q&A Post 
{not sure..will do if I get enough interest/comments w/ questions}
*October Goals
{what I accomplished-end of month}
Comment please! Let me know what YOU want to see posted! 
Any hot topic issues you want to see talked about? 
Questions about something I do or what I believe? 
Photography or blogging questions?
I know some of you have already given ideas and I will be doing my best to answer those too,
{Note: You are welcome to comment as anonymous if you have a more personal question to ask and wish to remain unidentified.}
I want to end by saying that in spite of all the hype above, the real reason for this whole plan...
 is to have accountability.
to push myself out of my comfort zone. 
and last but not least, to make a difference.
Not just to post 24 posts, but to post 24 posts of things that COUNT.
My goal is that y'all would be inspired, encouraged, and edified by what is posted.
not because I posted it,
 but because, as a girl on a journey to live for Jesus, 
I want the THINGS OF CHRIST to be flowing out of me. 
and subsequently flowing out of my blog.
Whether that is through encouraging other girls to choose femininity & modesty...
or challenging my generation to defend their faith...
or showing/teaching skills of homemaking that have been passed down to me...
or pushing myself and others to strive for excellence in everything we do...
(in my case, photography would be one example)
I want this blog to be a place of challenge and growing for me as I push myself to write about and document these things.
and hopefully that can spill over and happen for other people, too
Okay, that was a lengthy ending. =)
See y'all back here bright&early on Tuesday morning, October 1st!!

happy weekending, my friends...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

From the Weekend

 I made it and I'm still alive and it was an awesome Labor Day!
It exceeded all my expectations 
and I am just super blessed that God has allowed our family to host this event every year.
The Turning Hearts Celebration is one of the highlights of my year every year
 and even though its a crazy amount of work to pull everything off, I love it so much!
It is however taking me a while to recover from the "to bed at 2:30am and up again at 6:30am" schedule that I had going last weekend. =) 
I'm giving you all just one picture today-taken on Sunday of my bud Sam & I. 
We accidentally matched. 
And that always calls for a picture. =)
See the family blog for pictures of the weekend & Labor Day, coming soon!
There's a full weekend ahead, with my two brothers' grad party tomorrow night, concerts Saturday/Sunday, & family camp starting Sunday afternoon. 

Have a happy weekend!