Friday, March 21, 2014

And the Winner Is...

Entry #243, Anna!!

{it is so exciting when people I know, win my giveaways!}

So Anna...we have your address already, and the book will be on its way soon! 
May take a while to travel all that way to you in Spain, but it will be there eventually! =)

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and participated! By pinning and posting and tweeting, y'all were also a big part of helping the Duggars in spreading the word about their book!

And for those of you that are interested, below is a live interview that the Duggar girls did a few days ago, talking about their new book.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book Giveaway||Growing Up Duggar

I am very excited to introduce this new book, and host a giveaway of it here on my blog!

The authors, Jana, Jill, Jessa, & Jinger, are dear friends of mine, and I can testify to the fact that they are just as sweet and genuine in real life, as they are on TV.

Their family called us about a month ago and asked if we would be willing to preview and promote their new book, "Growing Up Duggar". Of course we were happy to, so they sent us a copy and we have all been reading it in shifts ever since. =)

(note: one of my brothers contributed to the "what guys are saying" section in the book.)
So anyway, all that said, I thought I would host this giveaway now since I am at the 
Christian Worldview Filmmakers Festival and won't be doing any posting until sometime next week.

Giveaway will last until next Thursday night, March 20th.

You can enter by any/each of the following:
1) comment on this post with your first and last name (and anything else you might like to say =))
2) clicking on the pinterest icon in the below tab to share on Pinterest
3) clicking the Facebook icon in the below tab to share on Facebook
4) clicking the google icon in the below tab to share on google plus
5) clicking on the twitter icon in the below tab to share on twitter
6) posting and linking to this post on your blog

If you do all six, can enter six times. =) All you need to do is include your link to wherever you shared it, along with your name, each time you comment. 
You will need to comment separately for each time.

One last thing. Even if you're a guy, you can still enter. For one thing, I have spotted my brothers reading various sections of this book, and one of them said that it was actually pretty good. =)
The other thing is that even if you aren't interested in the book, chances are pretty good you either have a girlfriend or a sister or a daughter or SOME female in your life who might like a little gift from you. =) 

Happy weekend!

Monday, March 10, 2014

San Antonio Bound

Today I am spending the day at four different airports, flying in three different planes, and going from a very cold state to a very warm and sunny one!

Harrisburg PA. To Philly PA. To Charolotte NC. To San Antonio TX.

I'll take you back ??? years, to the first time I ever heard Vision Forum's San Antonio Christian Film Festival. My very first thought was "how cool is that? A place where hundreds of people come together and learn how to make movies, and then screen all these new Christian films!"
But every year we were at the other end of the south touring over the time that this event was going on, and so it never was really an option for me to attend.
When Vision Forum shut down last fall they also cancelled all of their upcoming conferences and events, including the Film Festival. My first thought when I hear that they had shut it down was "what about all those people who spend their year last year getting a film ready to compete in the festival? What happens to their films now?"
I was beyond excited when I heard that our good friends the Telfer Family (from Media Talk 101) were going to start up their own festival, the Christian Worldview Film Festival. The Telfers called our family and asked us to come down and perform on the mainstage for the festival, but sadly we already had this coming week booked doing banquet concerts with the WeCare Program Fundraising Tour. I tried to think of a way to still go but it just wasn't possible so I tried to forget about it.
Fast forward to my father gave me a card and inside was a certificate to attend the festival. I was shocked! And so excited!
(it appears that he talked to my brothers and they said that they could wing a few concerts without me. =) yes, I know-I have sweet brothers! bless their hearts.)

Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a movie junkie. Not in the typical sense (I don't sit around and watch tons of movies) but I love to review new movies, and be critical, and tear them to pieces. =)  (both theologically and morally)
It drives me crazy that our society has such low standards when it comes to movies.
It also frustrates me that Hollywood seems to have the monopoly on "professional" filming. My family loves watching movies together (we rarely do because there is hardly anything decent for the whole family anymore) but there aren't a whole lot of movies out there that are decent AND professionally done.

All that said. I've been passionate for years about Christians standing up and taking back all the ground they've lost to the secular crowd in the area of media. Lets face it: in our generation, media is the way to reach people. There are many people who won't read a book, or listen to a message, but they will watch a movie. Films can have such a powerful influence for evil. Or for good.

Sooo...I'm heading to San Antonio, getting ready here in just a few minutes to board my final flight. I'm planning to take the acting tracks and soak up all the information I can!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Phone Update

This is for those of you who may have been texting/trying to contact me via phone in the last month.
Lest you think I have been rude in not responding, let me fill you in...
My lovely blue phone crashed/quit/whatever on my birthday, January 29th. So since then (until today) I have been without a phone. Its been quite lovely, actually, and I really haven't missed it hardly at all. I think my family missed it more than I did; they couldn't keep track of me as well. =)
We have been in the south the past month, and down south they don't have US Cellular stores. So we had to wait until today, when we finally located one in Virginia.
They told my brother (who kindly took care of the transaction for me because he's just nice like that) that they wouldn't be able to transfer my contacts to the new phone.
Whereupon mother dear said "wait a can they be able to track people and supposedly access all this information from your phone but they can't transfer your contacts?"
So brother and dad went to battle with the salesman and it ended with all my contacts getting transfered.
#nevergiveup #learntoarguewell #happydance
If you've texted me in the last month and I never answered and you feel so led to text again, go right ahead. =)



Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Love in Georgia

 with two of my favorite things in this world: a baby & a cup of coffee
 I love babies. or adore them. or something like that.
some day {Lord willing} I'm gonna have a whole houseful of my own.
but in the meantime, I'm having a ball loving on other people's. =)
 I really miss the little people at my church, and can hardly wait to get home and see how much they have all grown up while I've been gone.
But while I'm on tour, its been pretty special getting to meet new little babies that our friends have had lately.
after he woke up I had to take a few pictures, even though he was leaning up against my knees and the angle wasn't so great.
what a charmer. that double chin just gets me. =)