Friday, August 15, 2014

13th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration & Mini Update

I am super excited to announce the upcoming 13th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration!
This event is free and open to the public. Anyone can come! It is an "all-family" day designed to specifically encourage and connect families to the Lord, each other, and other families! 

If you are a new blog reader here and haven't heard of this event before, you can find pictures and highlights from last year here. Everyone is invited---we say, "the more the merrier"! =) Each year we have attendees from every state surrounding Iowa and even states beyond! There is no need to rsvp and you don't need tickets...just show up! =)

The featured speaker/singers for this year is the Curtis Bowers Family, from Idaho! Their family produced the award winning "Agenda" documentary. (read more about it here) The Bowers Family are personal friends of ours and a wonderful testimony of what God can do through a family dedicated to glorifying HIS name by studying and proclaiming truth! You won't want to miss their sessions and evening concert!

12pm....Family Picnic Lunch (bring your own chairs/blankets and a picnic lunch)
1:30pm...Afternoon session with speaker Curtis Bowers
2:30pm...Hayrides, games, and family fellowship time
4:30pm...Supper (meal, drinks, and table service provided-$4 suggested donation per person or $35 per family)
6:30pm...Welcome & Music
6:45pm...Concert by the Bowers Family
7:15pm...Evening Session with Curtis Bowers
8pm...Closing Concert by the Bontrager Family Singers
8:30pm...Fellowship & Volleyball (!!!!!)

Please contact us with questions!  
Download the above brochure on our website events page

On a side note, I would greatly appreciate prayer for these next several weeks. There's a lot coming up in the next month---company, our church missions conference, a cousin's wedding, the Turning Hearts Celebration, our annual homeschool family camp, and another music tour...just to name the main events and not to mention work + other commitments. Due to other things that have been taking my time the last while, there's still a lot of prep left for some of these events. As always, I know everything will get done (yay for many hands that make the work fly!) but its still A LOT and a constant challenge to prioritize family + personal time with everything else going on. 
So thankful to know that HIS strength is make perfect in my weakness and that all is possible through His faithfulness + grace!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Life Lately & Some Kiddos I Love

Y'all! I feel like I haven't blogged---as in, really, REALLY blogged, for months! I've been having too much fun living life. =) 
Summer was busy with lots of traveling and home life, as you can see on our family blog, where my sis & I have been posting.
Then we were home for two short weeks, which were packing full with a family reunion, hosting a bridal shower for my cousinchurch events, helping with/modeling for this incredible photography workshop, and spending lots of time with these precious children pictured here in this post!
this little lady is my special chum, and has been ever since she was just a tiny newborn.
so adorable!
lovin' on baby sister

Have a marvelous weekend, friends!