Saturday, December 19, 2015

Alex Conner||Baby Portraits

I got to meet this charming little man when we were visiting his family in Manitoba, back in July of this summer. His mother is a dear friend of mine, and last time we had visited the colony, she had been sharing with my sister + I about how much she + her husband wanted to have a baby, but hadn't been able to. We hadn't talked to her since our last visit, so as our bus was pulling into the colony and we were anticipating meeting all of our friends there, Alli + I were both thinking "I wonder if Crystal ever had a baby?" Sure enough, praise the Lord...after we greeted her one of the first things we got to hear about was her baby boy! So exciting! This prayed-for little man has the biggest blue eyes and the sweetest little personality you ever did see. I had such fun shooting a few photos of him + his mama!
Those EYES. {swoon}
I adore her love for her son. So precious.
What a sweetie! So thankful for this little guy and the opportunity to meet him and take these of him this summer!

Hope y'all have a beautiful Sunday!