Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Calling Missouri/Illinois/Ohio/Florida/NorthCarolina

To those of you in these states...
Today is your day. 
Today you have the privilege to let your voice be heard, to cast your vote.
Twenty-four states have had their turn, and today it is yours. 

I feel far away and helpless today (both of which are actually exactly what I am, ha!) but as I was laying in bed during the early hours of this morning, unable to sleep, my mind was racing, thinking over the seriousness of today and wishing I could be there, in your states, campaigning, doing something. 
And then I was reminded that God just asks me to do my part, what I'm able and available to do, and leave the rest up to Him. 

So I started thinking about what my part is today. Last month it was campaigning through door knocking, one on one conversations, and having all kinds of heated discussions with people via email and our family blog. (I will be posting about that one day soon-what an education it has been!)

Well, currently I am in Mexico, so I had to think of what other methods of influence are available to me at this point. 

And that brings me to this post.

Out of all my instagram + blog followers, there are most certainly some of you who live in one of these five states that the whole country is watching today. 
Say there were five of you who weren't planning to go vote, and after reading this you changed your mind and went to the polls after all. Say you each took a friend or a spouse or someone with you. 
Then say there were, oh, twenty of you others that were already planning to vote. But let's say that each of you took just twenty minutes out of your day to call up or text five friends to encourage them to vote. (specifically friends who you knew were planning to vote for a, um, less than desirable candidate. Or not planning to vote at all)
Suppose you were able to change their minds and help them to vote biblically? And then let's just say that even just a few of you went and posted on your social media to encourage your followers in those states to get out and vote biblically, and say five of you were able to influence the same number of people listed above? 
Do you realize how fast these numbers multiply?! Very quickly! And all by just a few faithful people doing their part for Jesus and their country. This "grassroots" term is a biblical principle, friends! It has built the Cruz campaign from the very beginning and I have been inspired by meeting and hearing about literally thousands of people who have come together for this common cause over the past year, all committed to giving their little for something great; a godly man as our president.

Now, as far as who to vote for. If you are voting based on biblical principles (Exodus 18:21) then we are in agreement. (and don't feel bad if you didn't know that there was a specific verse in the Bible that talks about how to know who to vote for-I didn't know that, either, until this election! Go and read it-fascinating verse!) 
But if there's one thing I have learned through campaigning, it is to never, never assume. For all you know your best friend is a strong, ahem, "Trumper". You wouldn't think it...but you never know. Some professing Christians are extremely capable of making extremely unbiblical decisions. (sadly) 

So for starters. Just to clear the air. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not even on our radar as Christians. Not.an.option
Moving on. Rubio and Kasich are not options either, for a number of reasons that I could go into but won't for lack of time and lack of need. The most important thing at this point for you to know about them (if you don't know this already) is that it is virtually impossible for either of them to win, even if they were to both win their home states today. They both have so few delegates that they just aren't even viable concerns, so please don't waste your vote on someone who can't win. 
This leaves us with two men. 
These two men are not merely two different men. They are opposites. I cannot think of any other two examples that have such completely contrasting world views, principles, and agendas. 
When thinking of the two of them this morning, the verse that came to my mind was Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." 
That verse could not be more appropriate for this time. The battle our country faces today and indeed this whole election, is wickedness against good. 
It is the Kingdom of Darkness against the Kingdom of Light
The future of our country, our families, and our freedoms, hangs in the balance.

And so today, from Mexico, I pray for your states, that God would work a miracle. Because this world hates righteousness, and darkness seems to be prevailing. As Senator Cruz told my father and others on a campaign conference call on the first day of this year, "If I have a chance in this election, you will see assaults come at me and my campaign from every side and angle. And if you see that, you will know that this campaign has a chance, and has the hand of God upon it. But it will only be possible to win by the  power of God and by the prayers of His people." 
The media and even much of so-called evangelicals hate Senator Cruz. Truly, the attacks against him have come from all sides over the past two months. 
And yet God is blessing his campaign and working revival in the hearts of Christians who are rising up from their apathy to take a stand for Jesus!
 Will you join the soldiers of Christ, to not only cast your vote for truth, but to each use your sphere of influence to challenge others to do the same?!

May HE be glorified as we pray and do our part!

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