Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy National Coffee Day!

I've always thought that the whole national whatever day idea was kinda weird. 

I mean, really...there's apparently a day to celebrate pretty much anything. And why?

But in spite of all my prejudices against the whole idea, I felt that National Coffee Day deserved its own little corner of recognition in my world. =)

So here's a little humor in your coffee-filled day for all you fellow coffee lovers out there! Coffee cheers!
More than once...
 Did you know this, mom?!

 Love it. 
 How I feel some days. My days like this are rare. But they do occur. =)
 Can I get a witness?
 Been there!
Gotta end with the best one. =)
Hope y'all are having a lovely, "guilt-free-although-five-cups-consumed", kind of a day! 
And don't forget whipped cream! =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Denver Elliot || Senior Photography

Definitely these are my favorite senior shots to date of all the seniors I have done. (sorry to everyone else!) Brothers are just the best. 

I never really thrived off of guy seniors because to be honest they tend to be stiff and awkward and very much like "I don't want to be here but my mom made me". Just saying! 

It so happens that Denver is extremely photogenic and loves fashion + style + ideas + pretty much everything involved in a photo shoot, so we were totally on the same page with this thing. 
He was the one coming to me saying, "Could we do pictures here?", which I loved. =)

We took them these summer while we were out on tour. I told him that he should consider himself blessed to be probably the only senior in the history of forever whose photographer took him all over the east coast + PEI for their senior pictures. What an opportunity! =)

Denver is an outdoor-enthusiast, sports-lover, people-person, fashion-forward, and conversation-starting kind of a guy. He is the life of the party whenever he goes. He loves everyone equally and I love to see him in constant conversation, making friends literally as he goes, with people in every stage of life, from little ones to the elderly and everyone in-between. Denver loves Jesus passionately and has a heart for doing everything 100%. 
This picture looks EXACTLY like one we have of Dad when he was near the same age. It's wild because Denver definitely favors mom's family in his looks. 
Apparently he's a perfect mix! =)
Oh goodness, I love this guy. Can't wait to see all the adventures Jesus is gonna take him on these next few years. I'm 100% sure it will be a wild ride but he will ride it well! =)
Hope y'all have a fabulous Tuesday, friends!