Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Of High Heels & Surprise Parties

Last week Alli & I helped two friends of ours throw a huge surprise birthday bash for our preacher's wife, Charity Brown.
Hannah designed the awesome invites for us, based off an idea found on pinterest. Aren't they awesome?
The party was a smashing success. 
The dear ladies we were helping went ALL OUT with the decor. I wish I could take credit but it was honestly all them. Their creativity knew no bounds!
Given Charity's great love of high heels, the color pink, and candy...each of those items were at the party in abundance! 
Everything turned out incredibly and was amazing. Such a fun theme, seriously.
Below is the party in pictures, including:
the candy buffet, the regular food buffet, the tables, cake, centerpieces, prizes for winners of the games, the actual games taking place (the games were super fun. in one, all the ladies took off their shoes and placed them at one end of the basement, and then stood at the other end. When they heard "go" they all ran toward the pile, found their shoes, ran back to their table, and put their shoes on. the table with every lady seated with her shoes back on, first, won. 
the other game involved each table having one of their people wear a pair of high heels (provided from a previously collected pile) and see who could find certain items in their purse and run them up to the head table first. both games were hilarious. you have to know our church to understand-the ladies are all super ambitious and competitive and our preacher's wife is chief among them. So both games were wild, loud, and just a touch violent. =))
gotta love girl parties! And there's just nothing quite like blessing someone else with one.



  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING decorations!!!:) Thanks for sharing!
    Phoebe M

  2. oh my, this is so fun..!! love it.
    and I still kinda wish I could have been there..everything was so all out! ;)

  3. Wow! That looked like a fun party.:) Loved all the pink.;) The decorations are really cute.:) I love seeing pictures from parties. Thanks for sharing them with us.:) ~Salinn

  4. So nice you could bless someone so deserving! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have been there! Marinda

  5. This looks like such a fun party! The decorations are adorable and I LOVE the shoe quotes!

  6. OH my word: that is all I can say..!!! I mean, this party is totally amazing!!!!!!!! I SO wish I could have been there................................ I love the pics of Miss Charity when she first came in!!! Did she scream??!! :) I'm sure that made her feel SO special! Thanks for sharing these pics! You don't know how much I am enjoying these daily post! It is SO fun!!!!!! Thanks for doing it.
    Once again its me, Mary :-P

    1. she didn't scream exactly...she was more like "what in the world..??!!I can't believe this!!!" but everybody else screamed really loud and it scared poor Lydia and she started crying. Poor child!

    This is Ashley Miller (Troy and Verena's fomer neighbor) :)
    I LOVE looking at your blog, Keep up the Great work!!!!! :)
    :) Ash

    PS. Tell Allison hi for me

  8. Wow! Quite the party! ;p the decorations are super neat! Looks like a lot of fun!! Love the high heel theme!! :)

  9. Looks like it was a very fun party!! I love all the decorations!!

  10. Wow, those decorations were so pretty!

  11. Awww...!!! SO special! She will NEVER forget this party! Such an awesome lady! I like the pic of her jus before she blew her candles out! So cute! I love the quote on that wall hanging! Fits her!(: Who gave the shoes!?(: Would have been thrilling to be there! Glad u all made such wonderful memories! Liz

  12. Oh My Goodness the whole shoe decoration idea was FABULOUS! I love that yall had real shoes thrown in there!!! Love the surprises pictures! =D

  13. Ah, looks like such a fun, memorable, encouraging party! Her surprised expressions are adorable and it looks like she was truly blessed, too. =)

  14. Wow, this party looks so amazing. You guys all did a fantastic job and it reflects the love you have for your Pastor's wife! Totally going to borrow this idea for my friend...she loves high heels too.


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