Saturday, December 14, 2013

1880's LACP Costumes

{above: snapping a selfie in the new dress and stage makeup. I'm having a blast trying out new french braid updos and doing stage makeup on myself. Of course this isn't my normal look, but its fun to pile up the makeup just for something different. =)}
This is Wednesday's promised post, just posted on Saturday, instead of Wednesday. 
I'm sorry, and welcome to my world. =)
All of this week has been crazy; I've been doing a million things whilst being partly sick, and blogging has been the last thing I've had time for.
Hence here I finally am, sitting in one of the little dressing rooms at my church, posting in between my last scenes for the night. 
Hey, it works. =) 
One of the finished maid outfits. 
Not my favorite thing to sew (or wear!), but I do love how they turned out. 
This project was last minute, and super duper fun. 
I had to sew a Civil War era, little girl's formal party dress for my younger sister.
I had looked all over the place, and couldn't find anything that was even close.
Very last minute my pastor's wife mentioned that she had a bunch of old bridesmaid dresses that I could look through for options.
I found this one (above) and instantly saw endless possibilities.
I took in all of the seams multiple times.
(this was how it went: take in seams. sister tries it on.too big. I sew in seams again. sister tries it on again. its still too big. etc etc....)
Then I took the long skirt and just went to town with trying my hand at sewing pickups/ruching.
I'd always wanted to try this on something and this was the perfect project.
Ta Da!
Very possibly one of my favorite alteration projects to date.
Then I took an old pair of her flats, which have stains and rips etc...
....and covered them with extra lining fabric (that I had cut off of the dress when I shortened it) and lace.
The sash was way too big so I cut it in half and used half of it to make a new sash for the dress.
The other half of the sash I used for a matching hairbow for her. =)
My mother made her a pair of adorable lacy bloomers.
And she honestly looks like she just stepped out of the time period---SO FUN!
(complete pictures of us in full outfits, coming later on next week)
If you're able, come out for our last two showings tomorrow, @ 11am & 5pm! Can't believe this whole production is so close to done!
Anyway, got to run---the scene before my last scene is going right now, so I've got to get up there in time! =)


Monday, December 9, 2013

Report from the Seamstress

{Above picture: typical sight last week.
fabric, pattern pieces, pins, scissors, measuring tape, and misc scattered all over. In the middle of the picture resides my classy mug of yummy Tim Hortons coffee. 
*thank-you to the sweet people who gifted us that big tub of Tim Hortons when we were in Canada this summer! Its been keeping me alive!=)
Last week it was mostly me and my coffee and my sewing machine during the days, with Celtic Thunder Christmas music keeping us company...and rehearsals every night @ church. 

So I'm sorry for the lack of anything on here this past week. It has been a crazy seven days;
however, I am so thrilled to report that the sewing is DONE and I am back to sanity. =)
For some reason deadlines make me more prone to mistakes. 
{why am I like this?}
Having a Friday deadline with all the sewing projects, seemed to just be inviting my seam ripper to the party. =/ Unfortunately that item was busy busy busy all week, as well as my sewing machine. Agh! How I hate ripping out seams!
By Thursday night I knew sickness was just around the corner if I didn't take care of myself. Thankfully I got all finished on Friday and missed the sick-in-bed kind of sickness that I thought might be coming, and instead just got the "well-enough-to-be-out-of-bed-but-wish-to-be-in-bed" kind. =) In spite of not being totally up to par, I am super thankful that I'm able to be up and doing things. This would be the worst time of year to be sick, for sure, with all the rehearsals/performances and everything going this week!
And speaking of thankfulness...I'm super thankful for the cousins that came all the way from NY to visit over Thanksgiving! Lovely times we had and I'm so grateful for family! We made so many fun memories-keep an eye on the family blog, as my sis will be posting pictures from Thanksgiving weekend, on there soon!
Come back tomorrow or Wednesday for pictures of the projects I sewed! =)