Saturday, December 14, 2013

1880's LACP Costumes

{above: snapping a selfie in the new dress and stage makeup. I'm having a blast trying out new french braid updos and doing stage makeup on myself. Of course this isn't my normal look, but its fun to pile up the makeup just for something different. =)}
This is Wednesday's promised post, just posted on Saturday, instead of Wednesday. 
I'm sorry, and welcome to my world. =)
All of this week has been crazy; I've been doing a million things whilst being partly sick, and blogging has been the last thing I've had time for.
Hence here I finally am, sitting in one of the little dressing rooms at my church, posting in between my last scenes for the night. 
Hey, it works. =) 
One of the finished maid outfits. 
Not my favorite thing to sew (or wear!), but I do love how they turned out. 
This project was last minute, and super duper fun. 
I had to sew a Civil War era, little girl's formal party dress for my younger sister.
I had looked all over the place, and couldn't find anything that was even close.
Very last minute my pastor's wife mentioned that she had a bunch of old bridesmaid dresses that I could look through for options.
I found this one (above) and instantly saw endless possibilities.
I took in all of the seams multiple times.
(this was how it went: take in seams. sister tries it on.too big. I sew in seams again. sister tries it on again. its still too big. etc etc....)
Then I took the long skirt and just went to town with trying my hand at sewing pickups/ruching.
I'd always wanted to try this on something and this was the perfect project.
Ta Da!
Very possibly one of my favorite alteration projects to date.
Then I took an old pair of her flats, which have stains and rips etc...
....and covered them with extra lining fabric (that I had cut off of the dress when I shortened it) and lace.
The sash was way too big so I cut it in half and used half of it to make a new sash for the dress.
The other half of the sash I used for a matching hairbow for her. =)
My mother made her a pair of adorable lacy bloomers.
And she honestly looks like she just stepped out of the time period---SO FUN!
(complete pictures of us in full outfits, coming later on next week)
If you're able, come out for our last two showings tomorrow, @ 11am & 5pm! Can't believe this whole production is so close to done!
Anyway, got to run---the scene before my last scene is going right now, so I've got to get up there in time! =)



  1. Oh! SO pretty! Wonderful work! :)
    I can't wait to see the next pictures!


  2. The dress is beautiful Chels! You did a great job.:) Can't was to see more pictures. Hope your last scene goes well.

  3. Wow! You did such a good job on the costumes and you look absolutely beautiful in your dress! I love the finished look of the pink dress{I really need to learn how to sew :)}. You do such a wonderful job. Praying your last two shows will go well.


  4. The LACP was GREAT!!!! we are totally looking forward to next year! you did great for ur part!!

    1. Next time, come and introduce yourself! Can't believe that I had a blog reader there that I didn't get to meet. =(
      Glad you enjoyed it!! i did, too. =)

    2. haha. I would be glad to. My parents know your parents, so thats how i got to your blog!:) I also know your uncle, since we live on a dairy farm. I live in NE Missouri, Reeeeaaallly close to the Iowa line. We live about an hour and forty-five minutes from Washington.
      If you wanna know more about me you can go to, but its kinda under construction, if ya now what i mean!:)
      I really enjoy ya'll singing and have got ALL the cds

  5. Oh my! You are prettier than Princess Kate! So much talent!

  6. WOW! Can't wait for more pics!!!

  7. Beautiful projects, Chels - I loved seeing the pictures of them and how you refashioned the dress! =) I was praying for you guys this weekend - wish we could have been there, but grateful we were able to go last year. =) Blessings, friend! Hope you're now getting a little rest ;)

  8. Wow! You did an amazing job! ;) Wish I knew how to sew like that.

  9. The dress and shoes you refashioned for your sister are gorgeous! I bet she looked adorable in her costume.

  10. so gorgeous! I loved the play! _such memories_ :) -Sarah

  11. these are so cool! I just love Liz's dress and how you re-did it. If you ever want to 'pass-on' some killer sewing skills, you can transfer them to me..mmk? :P

  12. Wow Chelsy!!!! You are so good at sewing. I wish I could sew like that! I can only make small things. That maid dress was pretty, and so was the peach one. Are they for your Christmas play at your church?
    Love Ashley

    1. Yes, that's what they were for! More pictures coming later on this week or next, hopefully!

  13. Has your family ever been to Hawaii? What is your schedule looking like for next year?

  14. Who taught u how to sew and how long have you been sewing? Do your mom and sisters sew also?

  15. This seems like it was a really neat thing! We love dressing in old time clothing. Actually, I host a homeschool Civil War Ball. The next one is coming up on March 1st. Maybe your family could come

  16. Your hair is just gorgeous and I am so impressed with the pink dress! :)

  17. You are so talented behind a sewing machine! I can't imagine you will wear your black&white dress many more times...but you did great at it. And the pink number...adorbs! :)


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