Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Girls Night||Friendships

This is the beauty of friendship.
Taking the simple thing of time and just a wee bit of effort (hardly any, really) 
and whipping up some delightful memories.
And let me just say-some of the best friendships are with people who aren't your age.
Some of the dearest people in my life range in age from babies to elderly.
There's so much variety and interest and fun in that age span! 
Don't limit your friendships to people who are exactly your age.
You'll learn so much more if you surround yourself with friends in every walk/stage of life.
So here I am sharing with you an evening spent with some very amazing people that I love so much.
My beloved bestie/sista, Alli, who is nineteen.
My fellow blogger/photographer/hashtager/everythingelsetoo friend, Hannah, who is twenty.
The creative and inspiring Cassie, who is twenty-five and married.
And the spunky and very kindred Miss Mary Jane, who is Cassie's m-in-law.
 Other than some incredible people...you'll just need a cozy curl-up place, a fun activity (ours was the all-time classic and favorite, "Emma") and some yummy snacks.
We kinda overdid it on the food, as you can see...and this spread doesn't even include our coffee/cider & pizza. 
Pretty sure I went home significantly wider than when I came. =)
There you have it-all that you need for a girl's night.
Go make it happen! You'll be blessed! =)



  1. How fun!! Mary Jane is SO fun! :) I love her! I spied the Nutella! I just ate some tonight. How do you like it Best? -Sarah

  2. such a fun night and perfect end to #bohoblogtober!
    we must do it again...like soon. :)
    love all you ladies.

  3. These moments always help you in the not-so-good-moments in your life! Beautiful, priceless memories to look back to in time gone by!

  4. :) Looks like a fun and blessed time!
    Great choice on the video! :)


  5. I love those nights! As a matter of fact, thats exactly what we did last night with a bunch of girl cousins! Those evenings are so refreshing especially after being in a ungodly environment at school. Blessings! Esther

  6. That looks like fun,I love having a girls night out!

  7. Yeahhh!!! That is so amazing=:}...we just had a "girls night" yesterday!!...This is hilarious. Yes, so true and important to have friendship with all ages!! Thanks Chelsy, for that reminder:)
    Priscilla Gerber

  8. I totally agree with having friends from a large age range.:) Some of my best friends are older then me by several years and I find that I learn many things from them that have really blessed me so much. I also have friends younger then myself and treasure their friendship also.:) What a blessing it is to have friends in all different stages in life.:)
    I am sure that you must have all had so much fun together.:) It sounds like you had a blast.

  9. Looks like so much fun!

  10. Looks like quite the memorable time:) Yes, absolutely SO thankful for friends of all ages - it's such a huge blessing! Glad you all had fun and {yum} those treats look amazing. :) Much love!


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